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  1. Behold a Pale Horse by William Cooper. The late Bill Cooper was quite a man. His book is GUARANTEED to be enlightening reading. He details the New World Order's War Plan against America, includes a copy of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion - (its 50/50 as to whether that was a fraud or not) - information on FEMA that was frightening back when he wrote it, and in 2009 is terrifying, the Secret Government, and a whole lot more. You can purchase it online, usually, through Amazon.com, or Abe's Books, or check out Haslam's Book Store in St. Petersburg, FL. WELL WORTH READING, whether you believe it, or not. He was framed and killed, in 2001.

  2. Conspirator's Heirarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300 by Dr. John Coleman, who was a career intelligence officer of Britain's MI6 - that is, Military Intelligence, Group 6. Get a copy of THIS ONE; it is ESSENTIAL reading. There is a quote from him, exposing the "shadow government" on one of the NOTABLE QUOTES pages of CONTROL INCOGNITO. The late Dr. Coleman was an intensive researcher, and not very popular with "the establishment". When you read his book, you'll see why. 

  3. Who's Who of the Elite - by Robert Gaylon Ross, Sr. This should be one of those books that forms the backbone of your library. The book is a compilation of the members of the "Bilderbergers", the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Committee of 300, and the Skull and Bones Society. DEFINITELY an eye-opener. You are in for some surprises - count on it. I bought a copy right after it was first published. Get one - they are available. Try the publisher first: RIE - H.C.R.1 - Box 516 - Spicewood, Texas 78669-9549, or look online. You will not regret it, and you'll never forget it!

  4. Garlic: The Unknown Miracle Worker by Yoshio Kato. This book was originally published in Japan, in 1973, by the Oyama Garlic Laboratory - and is one of my favorites. Copies are not easy to get, but they are out there.

  5. Iron Mountain - This isn't reading - it's a video. Used to be available from: Christian Truth and Victory Publications - 9088 County Road 11 NW - Alexandria, MN 56308. Phone (320) 846-0835
If not, try The Light Gate . SO MANY people think it is a hoax - well, I first saw the video in 1997. Richard C. Cook doesn't think it turned out to be a hoax, at all. Check out his comments here. If you WATCH the video, you won't think it's a hoax, either. Topics are: THE ECOLOGY MOVEMENT - THE UFO REALITY - NASA's PROJECT SETI - THE RIO EARTH SUMMIT - PROJECT RED LIGHT - MAJESTIC 12 - AREA 51 - FINCEN - THE RISE OF THE UNITED NATIONS TO FULL GLOBAL POWER - THE BLACK HELICOPTERS - THE MJTF POLICE - THE RANDY WEAVER/RUBY RIDGE/RUBY CREEK AFFAIR - THE WACO MASSACRE - UN TROOPS ON US SOIL - CONCENTRATION CAMPS AND DETENTION CENTERS IN THE USA - PUBLIC LAW 87-297 AND GUN CONTROL. Not the easiest video to obtain, but well worth the watching.

  6. Operation Vampire Killer 2000 - Loved it! Published by Police Against the New World Order. You won't want to miss it - original copies can be ordered through The Lawful Path or Freedom Radio, or you can read about it, at the Family Guardian. Click here to take you right to the page about it.

  7. The Two Babylons by Alexander Hislop. I own a couple of copies of this excellent book, originally put out in 1916. It is an exceptional work, for intensive study on the truth behind the many holidays we celebrate that are merely extenuations of ancient pagan festivals, AND a lot of very informative facts about the rewriting of history that has been going on for QUITE a while. A great deal of what he writes about, explains the simple purity of the early Church, and how it was almost INSTANTLY corrupted by the "Ancient Mysteries". What he expounds upon, is EXACTLY what the Freemasons, the Illuminati, and THE OLYMPIANS espouse, as THEIR religion. Try to get a copy of this excellent book, as it is a REAL EYE-OPENER, and it was written ALMOST 100 years ago! Try Chick publications, or One Heart Books, or Amazon.

  8. One Heart Books - Although I do NOT espouse some of their spiritual content, they have some excellent resources materials.

  9. The Covenant - Excellent video, but NOT the video of the same name that is commonly available today. I am still looking for a source for it, from people that I trust. Those who have it, say that it is worth the many hundreds of dollars that they have spent on other videos. Some of the topics it covers are: THE PHOENIX - THE RIDER OF THE HORSE OF THE UN - THE SYMBOL OF FEMA - THE GREAT SEAL OF THE UNITED STATES - THE OCCULT SYMBOLS AT THE UN - THE SYMBOL OF THE TRILATERAL COMMISSION - THE MEANING OF THE WHITE HORSE ON THE CFR'S CURRENT AFFAIRS PUBLICATION - AND, THE SOVEREIGNTY WE HAVE ALREADY LOST. It may still be available from: Christian Truth and Liberty Publications - 9088 County Road 11 NW - Alexandria, MN 56308. Phone (320) 846-0835. Beware! There is another movie out, called The Covenant. Make sure you get the one that contains the information cited above.
Below, are sources you need to access, to prove some of what I say to YOURSELF. After 
you have done some research of your own, you will be A BELIEVER. This APPENDIX is 
going to follow my OWN format, so those of you who are used to research papers, 
and term papers, and other normal document formats - forget it. This is in a form 
that is easy for anyone to follow, and find the information, themselves.
It bears repeating:
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