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God ALWAYS warns His people of danger. 
"Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but He revealeth His secrets unto His servants the prophets." 
--- Amos 3:7









The opinions expressed here are purely mine. Any references to real people are purely --- INTENTIONAL.

Fellow individuals, if you refuse to heed the warning and you choose ignorance and reject knowledge, may God have mercy --- and in this case, He probably won't. Those who refuse to believe the truth...CHOOSE to believe the LIE. No middle ground. If you are informed, and STILL play devil's advocate, you deserve the title. 
I am under orders and directives, to warn you, so you can protect yourselves.

The burden is upon me to inform and alert, and I've been specifically commanded to "expose the lies - no compromise". Furthermore, the orders were clear and concise - "no begging, no chasing, no pleading, no arguing".  You either get it, or - you don't. God has always used the foolish things of this world to confound the wise, who are "ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth." --- II Timothy 3:7. We are also told, in 
1 Timothy 2:4, that He would "have all men to be saved, and to come to the knowledge of the truth."  Over and over, we hear God's heart cry out to men, to seek the TRUTH.

This information is not designed to frighten you. CONTROL INCOGNITO's sole purpose is to set the captives free, for the glory of God - and the ONLY thing that will keep those chains ON you, is YOUR reluctance to believe the TRUTH, and divest yourself of the shackles.

        Remember - they didn't believe Noah, until the rains came and the floods grew; they didn't believe Moses, until they saw the waters of the Red Sea parted; they didn't believe Jesus, until they found an empty tomb and SAW Him risen - and most people don't believe me. That's okay. Again, I am only the messenger, and basically dispensable - the MESSAGE, dearly beloved, is to YOU - the Remnant, the Chosen, and to ANY who believe. 

YOU are the ones who are UNDER CONTROL. I am not. May God open your ears, strip the veil from your face, remove the blinders,  and - for God's sake - take your fingers out of your ears! Listen = live. Deny = die. It's your choice. Choose life, huh?  ...and, PASS THE WORD ALONG.

        My job is to WAKE YOU UP. Your job is to GET UP! Will you? You were born FREE - let's live free. The time is very, very short - believe it or not. I pray that you will consider, contemplate, and cling to the TRUTH. Check it out for yourself - you will find that what I say is true. Prepare to get angry, prepare to laugh, and prepare to cry.  Already millions have died prematurely, as a direct result of THE PLANNER's controls. As God gave this to me for your sakes, I pass it along. May it bless you, awaken you, and may it make you FREE indeed!
"Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." --- II Timothy 2:15.

Hey, Remnant - get a King James Bible, and READ it.  Not the NIV, or the Message Bible - a KJV.  There is a BIG difference.  Neither time nor space is available to give you a thorough understanding of WHY; this one, you'll  
have to take on faith, and see if I am not correct. 
Just do it - okay?
        The things I am about to share with you, are the results of my extensive research and experimentation. I conducted hundreds of tests, on clothing, on food, on myself - and my microscope was always close at hand. The information is shared here,  in the hopes that you will pay attention, and protect yourself. At the risk of being silenced, as has happened to so many before, I have decided to publish my findings to YOU. I made a major effort to put it all in layman's terms, so ANYONE can read it, and understand.

    Sit up and pay attention. This is a RED ALERT. Beware, or be weeping - your choice.  I'm just the messenger.

    Are you aware of the fact that, during the American Revolutionary War, only about 3% of the population took up arms against England? They were in revolt, protesting a 5% tax! Today, the estimates are that we are taxed over 55%, and very few even SQUEAK about it. It's the - "The Inevitability of Gradualness" again - isn't it? Our forefathers purchased YOUR FREEDOM with their precious blood. 

    Considering the rampant apathy today, the percentage of warriors may be far, far less. No one seems to want to rock the proverbial boat. It's just much easier to be a SHEEP, like the majority, and play the game.  

    Well, dearly beloved - SHEEP GET SLAUGHTERED, now don't they?
So, you think you're in control. ARE YOU? You make your own decisions. OH, DO YOU? No one tells YOU what to do, no one influences YOUREALLY ? You have a mind of your own - is THAT right?

Well, let's see... Do you ever find yourself impulsively spending too much money? Have you snapped at your husband, your wife or your kids lately - over nothing? Are your children at each other's throats? Losing your cool? Are you just a bundle of nerves? Do you find yourself constantly daydreaming? Do you lose your trend of thought?  Ever double-minded? Terribly, unreasonably tired?  Depressed? Stressed?  Sick? Broke?

I'm not.  Want to be FREE? Willing to consider some unique, alarming, bizarre concepts and facts? Well, listen up...

You are being CONTROLLED.  Subtly, secretly, SUCCESSFULLY.  You are the victim of an insidious plot to control every individual in the WORLD.  THAT is the truth --- and the truth will make you FREE - physically, financially, emotionally, and spiritually. Read on....
The law behind THE PLAN that has been  foisted on you, and the rest of us, 
is called - "THE INEVITABILITY OF GRADUALNESS".  People will tolerate just about any controls, morals, language, opinion, laws, or pain --- IF those things are imposed upon them in very, very small increments.

We live with constant noise and distractions, chemicals and smells, synthetic colors and dyes in our clothing, and synthetic colors, dyes and flavors in our food supply, plastic just about EVERYTHING, and the morals of the ancient Roman Empire shortly before it fell. If a newborn baby was subjected to all of the poisons that we ingest on a regular basis in our food supply, and the synthetic clothing that we wear, he would not be long for this world.

Today, there is smut everywhere you turn - it is blasted over the radio, broadcast on television, in the supermarkets, in convenience stores,  spewing forth from people's mouths, published on the Internet, paraded across the movie screens. Not so many years ago, that was not the case. This is only one example of how decay encroaches into our daily lives - bit by bit, little by little - but that's just one small piece of the entire evil puzzle. There is very little left in this world that is pure, wholesome, sturdy, and noble. "THE CONTROLLERS" have seen to that.

YOU are dying little by little, inch by inch, piece by piece - and it is NOT a natural death. It is a carefully orchestrated move, that has been deliberately perpetrated by obscenely wealthy planners who control the finances of the entire world. Very, very few are even aware of THE PLAN'S existence, much less its implementation. For the most part, what you eat, what you wear, what you earn, how you behave, and how you think, is all dictated by THE CONTROLLERS.

Oh, you don't think so? Well, when was the last time that you had an ORIGINAL  thought? One that didn't come from the newspaper, magazines, the radio, the television, or the neighbors, I mean. 

Think about it. You HAVEN'T? Well, I wonder why...
From Og...

I spent an entire year - 
personally observing, 
experimenting, reading, 
listening, researching, 
tearing apart clothing, 
purses, shoes, bedding, 
checking things out 
under my microscope, 
writing down reams of 
information - and telling 
any and all who would 
listen to me - what I had 


None burned very 
brightly, or very long.  
Those people who I 
thought would seize the 
information and run with 
it, seemed to be almost 
offended that I made 
them aware something 
covert was afoot.

History repeats itself.
"My people perish for lack of knowledge",
the Word says, in 
Hosea 4:6.  

I might add, that God's 
people also perish for 
lack of retaining and 
acting upon knowledge 
that they have been 
given. No one much 
quotes what follows the 
above scripture, and 
it is VITALLY important.  
It says - "...because thou 
hast rejected knowledge, 
I will also reject thee..."
Pretty powerful words 
from an Omnipotent 
God, no?

FAR, then you, also, are 
probably aware that 
something is terribly 
wrong. You're about to 
learn precisely what that 
is. At the conclusion, 
you will be without 
excuse. You will have 
been educated, and will 
be AWARE, with 
absolutely no valid 
excuse for inaction.
"Yea, if thou criest 
after knowledge, and liftest up thy voice for understanding; if thou seekest her as silver, and searchest for her as for 
hid treasures; then shalt thou understand the fear 
of the Lord, and find the knowledge of God. For 
the Lord giveth wisdom: out of His mouth cometh knowledge and understanding.
Proverbs 2:3-7
"knowing the time,...
it is high time to 
awake out of sleep: 
for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed.
Romans 13:11
"Yes, we did produce a near perfect REPUBLIC. 
But will they KEEP it, or will they, in the enjoyment of plenty, 
lose the memory of freedom?
Material abundance without CHARACTER is the surest way to destruction."  
----- Thomas Jefferson, our 3rd President
God Bless You All, 
It bears repeating:
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subtly, secretly, silently, successfully...
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