"...and behold, the babe wept." --- Exodus 2:6

     Oh, parents --- if the babes could only see what we have done to them, their weeping would ascend up to heaven, and be heard all over the world. In order to understand how absolutely thorough the CONTROL SYSTEM is, you need to back up a bit and look at the whole picture. Never forget, Remnant, THE PLANNERS intend for us NOT to "get it", and THEIR PLAN is TOTAL CONTROL - from the cradle to the grave. If you can just see the big picture, as I do - what an eye-opener! Beloved, there are so many things that cannot be seen, unless you either zero in on them, or back way up. My word! If you stuck your face right up against a computer generated picture, you'd have NO idea what you were seeing. At first, all you would see is colors. Back up just a bit, and you'd see nothing but an arrangement of colored dots. Go back a bit further, and you'd see the picture someone intended you to see. Further yet, all you see is color. Go across the street and look - you would probably see a blur. From two blocks away, you'd be hard pressed to see the picture. Next, go right up to it, and examine it with a magnifying glass. NOW, you'll see all of the little separate parts of the whole, but you will not see the whole picture.

     You see, in order to perceive something - to really understand it, you need to examine it from several different angles. Only ONE angle will let you understand the creator's intent. In THIS arena, regarding THE OLYMPIANS' CONTROL of the masses, you need to examine the minute parts of the whole. In battle, it is essential to KNOW THY ENEMY.  It is also essential to discern their battle plan, and that's EXACTLY what it is - a BATTLE PLAN. We are at WAR! In the end, we DO win, but we need to pay attention to their strategy, so we can counter their every move. Read on. 

     Remember, I told you that the One-Worlders are devoid of mercy. They have no conscience, no tenderness, no empathy; just lust for power, greed, malice, and cruelty. Let's take a look at what they have provided for your babies and toddlers, starting right at birth. I sincerely hope that you understand it, and refuse to continue to participate. Up 'til now, you've been helping their schemes, with GUSTO!

     Please don't shut down your thinking gear. Open your ears, and consider the following. Which one, among you, would take your newborn infant and swaddle him in a layette made of black nylon? Anyone? Certainly not. Well --- why not? Obviously, because you know instinctively that it wouldn't be healthy for the child. Have you ever considered WHY? You wouldn't even put black cotton on him, now, would you? Of course not. WHY? Would you put black diapers on him? No...right? Would you put a Pampers or a Luvs on him for a bonnet - a newborn infant? You WOULDN'T - why not? Would you put a synthetically padded, plastic covered hat on his head? How about a shirt made out of recycled trash bags? No? What do you mean, NOW, I'm being ABSURD?

     That's EXACTLY WHAT MOST OF YOU ARE DOING, whether you realize it or not. You are putting your little ones' bodies into man-made materials, padded with PLASTIC! What do you think Pampers, Luvs, and other disposable diapers are made of - cotton? Hardly. Just WHO do you think manufactures them? How about our dear friends, Proctor and Gamble! Part of the One World Establishment Elite, as you should know by now, if you've been reading this material. Kimberly Clark is another one - they manufacture Huggies, along with Kleenex and a lot of other things.

     Are these folks, who are part of THE OLYMPIANS' OCTOPUS, likely to be REALLY concerned about the health of your baby? Not likely. Do they spend MILLIONS of dollars every year promoting their products, effectively convincing you that your baby will be drier and healthier in their diapers? You BET they do! Are they telling the truth? NO WAY!
It bears repeating:
subtly, secretly, silently, successfully...
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