"...lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God." --- II Timothy 3:4

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     Ah, yes! Shades of Pinocchio revisited. He, too, had a good thing going with HIS maker, who 
loved him dearly and provided for him handsomely. Pinocchio's every need was met, and then some. Did he appreciate it? Not much. Instead, he left his father/creator, and went out into the world to find his OWN adventure. The promise of riches, fun, fame and fortune bedazzled his reason. Pleasure sang its siren song in his ears, and poor Pinocchio completely closed off his conscience, pratically plunged into the promised pleasure playground, and darn near lost his very nature - to the gods of 
this world.  If you recall, he was well on his way to becoming a total jackass, when the truth hit him between the ears - donkey ears. Just like Jonah, he emerged from the belly of the whale with repentance in his heart, and a determination NEVER to be so deceived again. He went back to his "father", and became a "real boy". Good story - very apropos. Lots of Pinocchios out there, today - aren't there? How big are YOUR ears?
    Typical American vacation - Disneyland, Disneyworld, Universal Studios, Wet 'n Wild, Great
American Theme Park, Six Flags, Sea World, Disney MGM Studios, Carnival Cruise Lines jaunts, 
Las Vegas casinos, and any other manmade widely publicized attraction where sheep like to flock
to get satisfaction.  Unbeknownst to the sheep, wolves take the money, and leave you laden with 
CONTROLS that make your brain act funny. THEY provide the food and you are told you can't bring any IN.  If you KNEW what you were eating, guaranteed, your head would spin.  The name of the 
game is --- remember? --- sick, stressed, and broke.  You volunteer, and pay DEARLY, for their sick, repulsive joke.  THEY revel in smug security, because THEY think you won't believe - even if one TELLS you, how THEY practice to deceive.

     Oh, MUST I really address this - can no one out there SEE?  Who's CONTROLLING all of these places where you take your family?  OK --- from your response, I can see I am in a majority of ONE. When you've finished with this section, TWO of us will know, and of course, THE OLYMPIANS already do.  To EVERYTHING, there is a purpose.  God's is - the TRUTH.  Get something to drink, sit down, get comfortable, and prepare for an eye-opener.  For the express purpose of exposure and illustration, let's just take a look at THEME PARKS.
     Most of you, en route to an amusement park of any kind, already know the routine. You instinctively stop and fill all bellies to the brim.  Food provided in amusement parks is priced like they're the old Waldorf-Astoria.  After everyone is full, concentrated food of all types is to be methodically and compactly stuffed in every nook and cranny available.  Diaper bags are great, 
even if Johnny IS toilet-trained - and purses, pockets, and pouches are to be chock-full of edibles. 
Before beginning the trip to FUN CITY, the well-trained females in the group have emptied purses 
of all but the bare necessities.  In true assembly-line fashion, the family passes around crackers, 
nuts, raisins, candy, cookies, food bars, and assorted other delicious dainties designed to keep 
the"rumblin' tumblies" of hunger at bay.  Mom may even tote a container filled with drinks, if 
she's able to stuff it into her generally capacious purse.  Sound familiar?

    WHY do we DO this?  Are we gluttons for punishment?  Do we really WANT to lug around unnecessary baggage and weight, while we exhaust ourselves walking an interminable distance to stand in long lines, to have FUN?  Not hardly.  We just know THE PLAN, don't we?  Once we get 
there,  the LAW is - "No outside food or beverages are allowed to be brought in".  Thankfully, it 
ISN'T the law, it's just their policy...for NOW.
     Now, THERE'S an opportunity for some bright, young, aspiring politician to earn his laurels; ramming through legislation that would actually MAKE it illegal to bring any outside food into any theme parks.  Not an "amusing" thought, is it? No pun intended.  Well, they already mandate that 
you can't send your child to school with vitamin pills to swallow at lunch, and school nurses have refused to pull a splinter out of a child's hand - why hasn't someone pushed for legislation that 
would require all persons entering an amusement park to be searched for "contraband"?  No, 
strike that whole concept --- someone will read it, and think it's a good idea! I can see it now...

"SEARCH and SEIZURE operations, conducted by the BITF, the Bureau of Illegal 
Theme Park Food, are in full swing this week at Disneyland.  In the past four days,
 BITF personnel, highly trained to detect edibles concealed on the persons of theme 
park attendees, accompanied by the BITF Canine Corps, have seized 246 packs of 
M&M's, 310 packages of crackers, and 97 bags of trail mix, among other illegal 
items.  These were confiscated from 75 people, who were attempting to enter 
Disneyland with the prohibited food items concealed in purses, pockets, diaper 
bags, and pouches.  The 75 people trying to furtively enter the park without 
detection of their illegal activities, are currently being held in the Disneyland 
Detention Center, an adjunct to the county jail, awaiting arraignment.  
No bail will be set for these law-breakers, as the crime is too heinous.

Not ONLY were these individuals attempting to defraud Disneyland of revenue
due them, remitted by their concessionaires, they were ALSO corrupting the
morals of minors, in blatantly and openly allowing their CHILDREN to observe
their crimes, and participate in them.

Similar operations are being carried out this week, pursuant to WCR 972, that would be 
World Court Resolution 972, which states - 'No person or persons will be permitted to 
consume any substance within the confines of amusement parks, museums, international 
parks, theaters, water parks, shopping malls, or any other establishment publicly or 
privately owned, UNLESS that edible or imbibible substance has been purchased from 
authorized vendors within the confines of said establishments.  Violators will face a 
fine not to exceed 5,000 WTU's, World Trade Units, or 2 years incarceration in an 
International Penitentiary.' To date - 4,132 persons have been arrested and 
confined internationally, for violations of WCR 972, enacted February 1, 1998.

     Folks, this is a SPOOF - out of my brain, but it is no more idiotic than lots of the legislation passed, signed, and implemented into LAW in these Last Days.  PLEASE - DO NOT QUOTE THIS OUT 

Let's get back to the theme park...
     At any rate, this is how we participate in the AMUSEMENT PLAN.  Like obedient sheep, we 
drive or fly an incredible distance, to pay an exoribtant price, to stand in L-O-N-G lines, in often inclement weather, to be admitted to an amusement park where we are graciously allowed to 
walk ourselves weary in search of the ultimate thrill, only to once more stand in L-O-N-G lines at 
the rides or exhibits when we reach them, and be required to pay a colossal price, to eat THEIR 
FOOD - BUT, we are not allowed to bring in inexpensive "vittles" to feed our families.  We feel like 
we are criminals, as we guiltily check each seam, pocket, and zipper to insure that the disallowed contraband is dutifully concealed.  If you and your family should wish to LEAVE the park to eat, or 
for any other reason, you will be required to be branded, via a hand-stamp, to grant you free access upon your return.  Next comes a long, drawn-out process just to get back to your vehicle, where 
you all wolf down what was brought along for the main meal - all snacks having been long-time-past avidly consumed.  The food is gulped down, so everyone can dash frantically back into the park, to continue wearing themselves ragged for a few more hours - having FUN.  Smart move.  Very mature.  Not a pretty scene.  Has MY family done it?  Yup - all but the hand stamp - we object.  Just as easy 
to give them a signature, or leave them a license.

     My land's sake; why would full-grown adults DO such a thing? They (we) do it because they (we) are so well-conditioned, and the name of the game is CONTROL. IF you refuse to allow them to stamp your hand, as does my family, you are usually in for an argument. Often, we just offer to leave them a driver's license, to insure we will be back, and let them take a head count. The whole concept of being stamped really makes one feel like a natural-born, free individual in this - the land of the sheep and the home of the slave --- sorry, make that free and brave. We rarely go...a sheep, I am not. Not THEIR sheep, anyway. Apparently, millions are. Shame on us.
It bears repeating:
subtly, secretly, silently, successfully...
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