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     After "CONTROLS IN FOOD", this section may be the most important - TO YOU, personally. It SHOULD be, if you really pay attention. This is one way that the American public is being controlled, that NO ONE seems to be addressing. Lots of the information that is covered in my book is public information, if you just ferret it out. THIS chapter addresses some things which are NOT.  

     I promised you some bizarre, incredible information. Well, here it is ---a GOB of it. I want you to put on your thinking cap, divest yourself of all of your preconceived notions about clothing, fabric, styles, and fads, and receive with meekness the information that follows.

     Ok...forget the meekness, just --- stick with me. Remnant, a HUGE part of the reason that you can even BE controlled, is the fact that there are lots of CONTROLS touching your body - each and every day.  Don't laugh...they're there.  I'm going to tell you how to get rid of them.  

     It's a piece of cake, but you'll have to considerably alter your wardrobe. Once you understand WHY, wild horses couldn't stop you. Well, maybe wild horses could, but no one on earth could. You will be chafing at the bit to get control of your life again. I promise - you will not regret it.
     Just imagine, dearly beloved, for a moment, that YOU are an incredibly wealthy, evil, greedy, power-hungry maniac. You are driven by the diabolical desire to have absolute CONTROL over a specific group of people. Your PLAN is to have them listen intently to you alone, obey you implicitly, and NEVER suspect that their thoughts and their actions are not their own. This specific group of people lives independent of you, and are basically unaware of your existence, much less your designs on them. Additionally, you are well aware of the rebellious, stubborn nature of this group, and KNOW that they value their freedoms INTENSELY. The mere inkling of your interference in their affairs will be met by immediate, militant revolt. 

     As far as you are concerned, it is IMPERATIVE that you maintain the upper hand over this bunch, and you are ready, willing, and able to do so - any way you can. As an extremely determined, amoral, utter "control maniac" - what COMMON DENOMINATOR could YOU use, as your medium of control, to best accomplish your purpose?

     HOW ABOUT --- SOMETHING THAT EVERYONE IN THE WORLD HAD NEED OF --- NOW, WHAT WOULD THAT BE? Please bear with me for a bit, folks.  REMEMBER - the group is NOT TO KNOW 
that they are under CONTROL. They are especially not to know that YOU are the one pushing their buttons and yanking their chains.  The GOAL is to have your mission accomplished without even the remotest possibility of revolt. Well, what better method, than to totally control the 3 most vital necessities of lifeFOOD, WATER, and CLOTHING

     For some cockamamie, Godforsaken reason, YOU feel that YOU need to have CONTROL over every aspect of their lives, and everyone EATS and DRINKS and almost everyone wears CLOTHING.

     There you have it - the PERFECT MODUS OPERANDI! Taint their food and water and tamper 
with their clothing - basic, simple, easy to do and FOOLPROOF --- well, almost.  In the food and 
water supply, you put NEUROTOXINS to alter their thinking patterns, FLUORIDE to keep them 
passive [oh, yes, it DOES!], PARASITES and FLUKES to make them sick, BACTERIA like E.coli 
and "mad cow disease" germs, inject them with viruses like AIDS, HIV, Vibro 19, meningitis, TB, 
and ebola fever, put CHOLERA in their water supply, and load up their menus with GENETICALLY ALTERED FRUITS and VEGETABLES, FLESH and GRAINS. Add a good smattering of synthetic
CONTROLS that they ingest, NEVER SUSPECTING that those cute little sparkles, crystals, balls and flakes are CONTROL-CONNECTORS - and what do you have?

Blissfully unaware, eager-to-buy-your-latest-products, ineffectual - ROBOTS.

That's the FIRST part of the AGENDA. 

     Then, to implement the SECOND plank of your program, you obtain control over the CLOTHING INDUSTRY, via corporate acquisitions, en masse. You acquire immense holdings in the fashion design industry, fabric manufacturing, and wholesale and retail apparel stores. 

     So determined are you, that you DICTATE to the populace what they want to wear, through 
your glossy magazines that set the fads for the fickle, flighty, foolish fashion-following masses. IN 
THE APPAREL that YOU determine they will wear, you incorporate "ANTENNAE" to tune them in to your subliminal CONTROLS

[Neat scheme, huh?  Sounds far-fetched, doesn't it? JUST YOU WAIT...]

     You already control WHAT they EAT and DRINK, and with your nifty,
newly-designed FOOD PYRAMID, (see image at the right) they eat a lot 
OF it, and NOW, you control what they wear.  EXCELLENT PLAN...you 
have outdone yourself. They'll never suspect a thing - it's too outlandish, 
no pun intended - [some of you will "get" that, too.] So, it's KUDOS for 
you - CONTROL to them.

     DEAR GOD - I wish all of this WAS only "make-believe". IT IS NOT. I have just outlined, but in pretenseprecisely what has ALREADY BEEN DONE TO USTHE OLYMPIANS have left no stone unturned. YOU ARE AT THEIR MERCY, and if you do not pay extremely close attention to this chapter's warning, you will remain under their complete CONTROL. THIS IS NOT A JOKE...being at their mercy is an appalling thought, because they HAVE none. Millions have already been sent to 
early graves at their BLOOD-STAINED hands. A lot of their effectively-imposed CONTROLS KILL.  

Good news - listen, and you shall live. One stone they left unturned: they did not reckon 
on GOD, who reveals the enemy's hidden agendas.
It bears repeating:
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