"Thou hast made known to me the ways of life..."   ---   Acts 2:28

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subtly, secretly, silently, successfully...
​     Now, Remnant, there are lots of ways to prove that what I'm about to tell you is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. You may not have the time to research all of this; I realize that. However - if you feel the need to test my findings to believe them, shame on you -just kidding but here's how to do it. Actually, I WANT you to test what I say. God speaks the truth, but men can be liars.

     There are several names for this test, all having to do with kinetics, but - why complicate things? I wanted this book, for that's what Control, Inc by Og Nito IS, to be simple to read and comprehend. Just call the test THE ENERGYGRAPH. Easy to remember, very apropos.

     The test requires two people - so, get another person. I told you I'd keep things simple, didn't I? Okay.  Have the other person stand in front of you, facing you, with one hand covering their navel, and their other arm outstretched - straight out - palm up. You can also do the test palm down, or with the arm down at their side, as opposed to over their navel. BUT, in order to obtain accurate results, you MUST DO THE TEST THE SAME WAY EACH TIME. New test, use a different technique, 
but be consistent. Some of you are so well-fed, notice I didn't say "nourished", that you may have some difficulty finding your navel. "No importa", just place one hand over the general vicinity of where you think it is.

     Now, put one of your hands on the shoulder of the other person - that would be 
the shoulder which is connected to the hand that is down at their side, or covering 
their navel. Place your OTHER hand on the other person's hand - the one attached 
to the outstretched arm. Actually, if you can picture this - the person being tested 
should look like they are directing traffic, except that one arm is down, or the hand
is over their navel.YOU should look like you're attempting to drop their outstretched arm. You ARE. Advise them to resist you, and push downward on the hand of their outstretched arm.  Beloved, this is NOT supposed to be a power struggle - it's a TEST.  Tell them to pay attention to their ability to resist, and you pay attention also. Next, fold up 2 or 3 plastic trash bags, and have the person you are testing hold them over their navel. Now, push down on their outstretched arm, as they resist you.  Then, have the person you are testing hold those trash bags on top of their head.  Again - exert pressure downward on their outstretched arm.  WHOA! I'll bet that arm went down fast - didn't it?  
If it didn't, I'll bet they had a hard time resisting your pressure, didn't they?

     Folks, you have just seen why NO ONE IN MY IMMEDIATE FAMILY, or my 
extended family - if they will pay attention, and do the test themselves - will 
EVER wear a bicycle helmet, or a motorcycle helmet, if I can prevent it. That 
PLASTIC cuts us right off from God's ENERGY that we derive from the Earth - instantly. 
It drains us of energy, and keeps us from reaching our full potential, strengthwise
and intellectually. Add, on top of that, the CONTROLS that are put into our FOOD, 
our CLOTHING, and other items, and you have some severely weakened, energy-drained,  people.

     A WORD OF WARNING - if you are testing someone with plastic, and they get stronger - WHOA! LOOK OUT! RED ALERTThey are NOT "one of us". A normal human being's energy is sapped, immediately, when plastic is on your body, or on top of your head. If this does NOT occur, beware. You are dealing with someone who is either a genuine "automaton" or a "robotoid", or something else. Oh, you think that's RIDICULOUS? THEN, DON'T READ THE NEXT PARAGRAPH!

    Get a copy of Zbigniew Brzezinski's paper "THE TECHNOTRIC ERA", that I refer to later on, and READ IT. SURELY the National Security Advisor under former President Carter, who happens also to be the founder of the Trilateral Commission, a member of the Club of Rome, the Committee of 300, and the Council on Foreign Relations - SURELY - HE would do nothing to make himself appear to be foolish, sensational, or ridiculous. You might not believe ME, but you can bet your bottom dollar that HE would not be talking about "robotoids" and clones, if they did not already exist. To the contrary, his reputation is paramount to his position, and that reputation is nefarious. He is not one of the "good guys", but he tosses the truth right out there in our faces. He's not the only one who refers to the aliens among us, but HIS name you'll recognize; you'll lend credence to HIS words. CLICK HERE to read some of the things he wrote in his book Between Two Ages. Read the book for the rest of what I am referring to.
     Back to the test.  Put a baseball cap on the person's head and try it. You will get different reactions, depending on the fabric the cap is made.  I have yet to see a 100% cotton baseball cap. YOU HAVE? REALLY?  What about the bill, the plastic band, the label, and the inside band?  Folks, the major "destruction of property", my property - that I engaged in, referred to in the CLOTHING CONTROL CONNECTION chapter, to discover the TRUTH, was almost a crime.  You're NOT going to find a good, wearable baseball cap, unless you make it yourself, or can purchase them out of the country, as I did. We also got LEATHER, and one of my sons MADE himself a leather one. THAT tested FINE! Have a female do the test with nylons on, and high heels. Then, have her take off the high heels, and test again. Note if the high heels are of manmade materials, all leather, or a combination. Next, have her take off the nylons and hold them to her navel - test again. Have her lay them down, and - test again. Finally, have her stand on a 100% cotton towel - with NO NYLON STITCHING IN IT AT THE SEAMS, clothed in nothing but ALL 100% COTTON, or some other natural fabric, barefoot, and test again.  You are going to get quite an education.

*NOTEI want you to use a female in the above test, because we don't want the men in high heels or nylons. ALSO - when you test things on people - don't buy the LIE that their arm gets tired. That is NOT what is going on. About 8 -10 tests are enough for a session, and anyone can last through THAT! Do the plastic bags test first, then use something like a piece of fresh fruit. YOU'LL SEE! I even tested my own 80-yr. old mother, who was a wimp with the strength of a very well-cooked strand of spaghetti. During a test I did on her, with one particular material - I COULD NOT BUDGE HER ARM, and I AM VERY STRONG!
     Try some of the tests in grass, and on concrete, shod and barefoot. Test with the subject standing on ceramic tile, if it's available, then do the test with all things remaining the same, but on synthetic carpet. Stand on a piece of solid leather, if one's available. Test any of the items below,  right IN THEIR CONTAINERS, as BELIEVE IT OR NOT, the food energy comes right through.  You'll get BETTER results if you remove the food from its container, BUT testing some of these OUT of the container, can be messy.  Whatever you're testing, have the subject hold the item up against their navel, during the test. Here are some VERY enlightening items to test:

     Test virtually ANYTHING that you come into contact with, and ESPECIALLY anything that you put 
into your mouth. YOU WILL BE AMAZED - without a doubt. Your tests should show that the subject has little or no strength in their arm, when they are holding the test item, IF that item is detrimental to their health and well-being. The tests will vary  depending on the individual, and the item being tested, but the synthetic tests just about always tender the same results - UNLESS you are dealing with someone who is not really "human", for lack of a better definition. 

     I've given you lots of ideas, and look, folks - you are not in diapers anymore - do your own research. I guarantee you, it will be MUCH more exciting than any World Series, rock concert,  Superbowl, or World Champion Heavyweight fight. You are in a fight of your own - a fight for your health AND, THE FIGHT OF YOUR LIFE.
> Salt 
> Pepper
> Cinnamon
> Chocolate milk
> Mustard
> Donuts
> White sugar
> Honey
> Raw garlic
> Jarred garlic
> Hot dogs
> Alcohol
> Wine
> Beer
> Sausage
> Beef
> Chicken
> Turkey
> Peanuts
> Bananas
> Pudding
> Cookies
> Doritos
> Spices
> Fish
> Sardines
> Clams
> Shrimp
> Bacon
> Ham
> Sterling silver
> Platinum
> Plastic goods
> Styrofoam
> Leather
> Glass
> Wood
> Fake fur
> Real fur
> Pillows
> Blankets
> Bedsheets
> Raw fruit
> Pork and beans
> Jelly with sugar
> Jelly without sugar
> White bread
> Soup and soup mixes
> Canned salsa
> Other snack foods
> Cheetos
> Pretzels
> Popcorn
> Raisins
> Garlic powder
> Mayonnaise
> Ice Cream
Cake mixes
> Wheat germ
> Seasoned salt
> Butter
> Equal or NutraSweet
> Kool-Aid
> Coca-Cola
> Other soda brands
> TV dinners
> Lunch meat
> Coffee and tea
> Tap water in a glass
> Packaged dinners
> White spaghetti
> Whole wheat spaghetti
> Spaghetti sauce
> Cheese - cow's milk
> Cheese - goat's milk
> Blackstrap molasses
> Tuna - different types
> Corn Chips; flavored
> Corn Chips; plain
> Whole grain bread
> Fresh vegetables
> Frozen vegetables
> Canned vegetables
> Cigars
> Cigarettes; common brands
> Cigarettes; natural brands
> Gum; regular & sugarfree
> Nuts, raw and roasted
> Gravy - mixes and canned
> Candy - assorted
> Medicine you take
> Bottled water in a glass
> Bottled water in the bottle
"...let the people renew their strength..."   ---   Isaiah 41:1
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