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It bears repeating:
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Well, now...all of us eat, don't we?  Let's start there, since a lot of things you ingest affect your brain...

When was the last time that you wandered through a field and picked berries and stuffed yourself to your heart's content? Ever shell nuts and eat them raw?  How about the last time you enjoyed corn, fresh off the stalk, roasted over an open fire, or fish fried right next to the stream where you caught them?

Have you ever eaten just whole, natural foods? Ever eat like that for a few days? A week? A month? Probably not. What a shame!

Do you ever survive an entire week, without one preserved, processed, commercial, fragmented food crossing your lips and hitting your stomach? HAVE YOU? Think about it.
"Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that
out of the mouth of God."

Matthew 4:4

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chapter of 
Controls in Food, to find out what you don't know about:
General Mills
Sara Lee
and others.
If you ever took a camping trip - back to nature, and all that - I'll bet you brought along sugar, flour, mixes, soda pop, canned juice, iced tea mix, beer, spices, syrup, baked beans, canned foods, bacon, sausage, lunch meat, processed cheese, hot dogs, hot dog buns, hamburgers, hamburger buns, condiments, cookies, chips, marshmallows, dips, pre-popped popcorn, potato and macaroni salad, pretzels...some, if not all of the above. Didn't you?

That's roughing it?

When was the last time you enjoyed a meal that was pure, unadulterated FOOD? For a very small number of you - it was today. For some of you - years ago. For lots of you - it was the last time you nursed at your mother's breast. For MOST of you - NEVER.

A child is born - here's the typical scenario:
  • Sugar water at the hospital - formula to follow.  
  • Lots of jars of baby food - anything he'll swallow.
  • Cookies, crackers, ice cream, cake
  • Candy, chips, and "Shake and Bake"
  • Sugar laden cereal - juice out of a can
  • Package, processed, ruined food
  • 'Til child becomes a MAN.

Sound familiar? THIS can happen to YOU...it probably DID. SO WHAT?

Here's WHAT. A human being is a living, breathing, thinking individual; created from the very elements found in the earth, and sparked to life by his Maker - God.  People need WHOLE, LIVING, PURE food to stay vibrantly healthy and really ALIVE... and part of being ALIVE is ENERGY. You are about to discover how THE CONTROLLERS have deliberately, intentionally stripped you of your natural connection to the Earth's ENERGY FORCE, by promoting processed, packaged, "presto-chango" products, and genetically altering your food.
About to be locked up and controlled
When was the last time that you had the energy of a child? I DO! When was the last time that you climbed a tree - just for the fun of it? When was the last time that you joyfully danced a long time with all of your might, and could just as well have danced all night? When was the last time that you walked a mile or two, shopped for hours, and walked back home? EVER?

If the answer is NEVER - you're not REALLY alive. I AM!

Now, folks, don't even start to think that I don't understand your situation. Wherever you are, 
at this point in time, short of being bed-ridden, crippled, or disabled from circumstances beyond your control --- I've been there. I have dealt with the same stress and strain in my life that YOU do --- probably a great deal more, if you'd like to know the truth. I have been physically assaulted and abused, battered and tossed on the side of the road, lied to and betrayed by a spouse, spit at, scorned and mocked, reared a HUGE family, served as a sounding post to anyone who cared to unburden themselves to me, run businesses, worked long, hard hours non-stop, worked 3 jobs at a time for awhile, struggled, traveled, laughed, cried, and almost died. We are ALL in a PRESSURE COOKER  - called LIFE, but there is a safety release valve; a way to let the pressure escape. Better yet - you can actually remove the lid of the pressure cooker, and LIVE!
The opinions expressed here are purely mine. Any references to real people are purely --- INTENTIONAL.
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