"He revealeth the deep and secret things: He knoweth what is in the darkness, 
and the light dwelleth with Him."  ---  Daniel 2:22


     Dearly beloved, may you never forget what you are about to read.  It was given to me freely 
by God, our Heavenly Father, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Its message was driven home to me by the Holy Ghost, via some pretty drastic measures. Everything that is between the covers of this book, (which it was, in its original format), is there for a purpose. If you read only the sections YOU think will be of interest to you, you'll miss quite a bit of the facts, and the MESSAGE will be lost.

     I've written this at "warp speed", in order to get it into your hands.  Please keep an open 
mind, and remember that every single individual who ever had an innovative, controversial, or 
original idea - was the subject of much public ridicule. There has been no exception to that, in 
my own case. I've had my share of it, and yours, too!

     No matter - the truth is still THE TRUTH, and few there be that find it. Become one of the few, okay? Please pay particular attention to the chapter on CLOTHING - no one else seems to be addressing itI have been, for several years. At this point in time, the CONTROLS that are in 
your normal, everyday life have reached MONUMENTAL proportions. We have been so blind to the diabolical plan that is afoot; it is INCREDIBLE!

     This was written to call the Remnant - to safety. It could easily have been 10 times longer. I have endeavored to faithfully scratch the surface for you, of the SHROUD OF SECRECY that has kept us all in ignorance. The format is such, as to encourage you do your own research. Many thanks to all of the people whose works I have cited - they have produced excellent, specialized exposés, and deserve the credit for them.  You'll find sources to get their materials, in the APPENDIX.

     There is so much more that I could have told you - laws that have been rushed through a skeletal Congress, schemes behind the scenes, the specific whys and wherefores of the CONTROLS, down to a cellular level. However, the goal was to keep it simple, so even a youngster could read it, and UNDERSTAND. The youth are much more receptive to the TRUTH, and they don't seem to feel quite the need to argue about it, as MY generation does.

     We don't have a lot of time, to learn the TRUTH and FREE ourselves. "THE CONTROLLERS" 
intend to put their MARK on us - their economic MARK, a.s.a.p. They are already sowing IDENTITY THEFT PARANOIA, their next CRISIS - SOLUTION agenda. 

     Brethren, prepare yourselves - WE ARE AT WAR. May the Lord God, whose name is JEHOVAH, bless you and keep you until you see His face. Incidentally, I have no "church" affiliations, other than being part of the Body of Christ, and that is ANYONE who reads, loves, and obeys the Word of God. The fullness of the Gospel is manifest in one man Who was God, and Who IS God - and the GOOD NEWS is that - soon, and VERY soon - we are going to see the KING. His name, beloved - is JESUS. To God be the Glory! 

                                                                                                        With MUCH love,               

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