The above words were spoken by Jesus Christ. Just thought you might like to know. Here, we have a touchy subject. For those of you who smoke - cigarettes, cigars, or pipes - you are NOT to be condemned. I smoke...and I love God with a passion. There are lots of you out there who do likewise. I am NOT going to discuss whether it is a sin, whether it is healthy, or whether it is desirable - or not. You have enough people out there debating that issue.

     All that I am going to do, is share some interesting things with you about smoking, to expose the "anti-smoking" crusade. The battle against smoking is NOT being waged "for your safety". It is being waged against us, because THE OLYMPIANS know that tobacco, PURE tobacco, when smoked - helps to disconnect us somehow from their ELFs, VLFIS, and subliminals. There appears to be a direct connection between the effect nicotine has on a human being's brain, and the reception of THEIR CONTROL propaganda. I am not EXACTLY sure how it works, but I have done experiment after experiment on it, and somehow - it DOES.


"There is nothing from without a man, that entering into him can defile him: but the things which come out of him, those are they that defile the man." --- Mark 7:15
     Everywhere I go, I see "smoke-free" signs - even in outdoor patio areas! What gives? Now, folks, don't even let your brain respond with all sorts of arguments to support this nonsense. I am NOT ADVOCATING that you be exposed to tobacco smoke, if it offends you, irritates you, or makes you ill. I am merely pointing out the REASONS behind the smoking bans - you ought to know. I have yet to see the same restrictions imposed on alcohol, and yet drunk drivers kill 1 person every 40 minutes, here in the United States. In 2002, it was reported that approximately HALF A MILLION people are involved in automobile crashes, that are alcohol-related. Now, you just SHOW ME SOMEONE who has smoked "too many" cigarettes, and gone home, and beaten their wife. BETTER YET, would you please show me evidence of someone who has smoked a lot of cigarettes, driven their car, had an accident and killed someone, from the effects of smoking?

     Remember, THE CONTROLLERS have been working overtime to enslave us all - to transform us into AUTOMATONS who will think THEIR thoughts, wear clothing THEY manufacture, eat food THEY supply, obey THEIR directives, and ULTIMATELY, worship THEIR god. No measure is too extreme, to THEIR way of thinking, to accomplish THEIR ends. If you have read the FOR MEN ONLY section, the SUBLIME SUBLIMINALS chapter, or the page about Zbigniew Brezinski's mindset, you already know why I say that.

     Some people believe that the paper used in the manufacture of cigarettes, is impregnated with opium - the most habit-forming drug known to man. We have this from a reliable source. One of you chemists out there could verify that for me; my expertise doesn't extend to testing for opium. In September, 2009, I received information that the government had instituted new parameters for cigarette paper. They had imposed standards for the paper, that would so alter it, as to make it extinguish itself rapidly, if not being actively smoked. Oh, it extinguishes itself rapidly, all right! If you put it into an ashtray for a moment or two - the cigarette goes out. Well, at least it'll save us some money, if nothing else.

     We already know about the chemicals added to most cigarette tobacco, and the ingredients used in the filters. I became aware of how deadly the well-known name brands of cigarettes were, through thorough research, and the use of myself as I guinea pig. When I first noticed what effects the filters had on me, I started cutting them in half. That merely served to get the materials used IN the filters, in closer contact with my lips.  All kinds of weird things happened, there. So, I started just cutting the filters OFF, completely. That eliminated the odd, allergic-type reactions I had been getting on my lips, but I still noticed adverse reactions when I smoked any of the most popular brands. 

     I was so thin at the time, that anything which wasn't "natural", affected me markedly. I found one way to avoid most of the adverse reactions, and it worked fairly consistently. I would purchase ultra-lites, of any of the most popular brands, and remove the filters. Still, something was not quite right. My lips were no longer affected, but smoking the "regular" brands, affected me. The taste had a sharp "bite" to it, and they made me cough. Menthol made my throat sore, and once, was responsible for me "losing my voice" for 3 weeks. (My family was delighted.) When I smoked all-natural cigarettes, I had no reactions.

     THEN, I experimented with cigars. I found that there were no adverse side effects, if I smoked a 100% natural tobacco cigar - none. You know, Thomas Edison, quite the genius, smoked several cigars a day. He lived to be 84 years old. George Burns tucked in a century - he smoked cigars constantly. Winston Churchill smoked cigars; he lived to be 90. That's just three, who come to mind. Many other prominent people have smoked, and lived long, fruitful lives.

     C.S. Lewis, who gave us The Chronicles of Narnia book series, was an uncompromising Christian. He smoked cigarettes and a pipe. You folks out there, especially Christians, who point the finger and want to be judgmental, would be shocked learn how many people who you have admired and respected all of your lives - smoke or smoked. There are worse things. I am NOT advocating that you light up, if you do not smoke now. I am just stating some observations, and I have observed that, for some unknown reason - smoking seems to partially block the brain's ability to be controlled. I don't know WHY, but, again - experiment after experiment gave me the same results. While others around me were gripped by television signals, radio advertising, announcements over loudspeakers - I was just not susceptible.
It bears repeating:
subtly, secretly, silently, successfully...
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