subtly, secretly, silently, successfully...
     Biologist Michael Wargovich from Houston's M.D. Anderson Cancer Center found colon cancer in rats was dramatically reduced, when they were given a garlic extract. Wonder if they could have completely eliminated it, if the rats were given whole garlic, as opposed to the extract?

     Dr. Benjamin Lau, a microbiologist from Loma Linda University of California, says that garlic "interferes with the transformation of normal cells into cancer cells".  

     I do not have the time, space, or energy to give you the whole story on garlic. I do not have the time, space, or energy to convince you. I DO have the time, space, and energy to give you enough information, that you should start EATING it. If you DO, you'll need no further evidence. I don't care what kind of a reaction you get, or got in the past. If you got a strong reaction, it was because your body was probably so full of poisons, toxins, and mucus that it went into shock when a powerful purgative - GARLIC - hit it. When you begin to eat it, you may experience stomach distress, or gas, 
a rash, diarrhea, vomiting, fever, congestion or pain. Don't despair, and don't give up - just EAT IT. 
Your body will adjust - guaranteed. There have NEVER been ANY known cases of lethal toxicity from garlic - none, EVER.

     Forget the smell. No one notices - at least, no one has ever complained about it to me. They wouldn't dare. Everywhere I go, almost every day, I get a convert to eating garlic...OR a convert to the Lord. I carry a penknife with me, and several cloves of raw garlic. I have never had any problem with the odor offending anyone, and I peel and eat it freely at restaurants wherever I go. No one ever objects - no problem, no complaints --- I wouldn't care, if there were

     Some closing ideas and tidbits - to graphically illustrate how powerful a "battery" garlic is. Put a raw, peeled clove in a microwave oven, and watch it carefully for a few seconds. It will burn through, right in the middle: the negative force on the one end, clashing with the positive force on the other end, creates this reaction, due to the violence of the collision of opposite charges. 

     Garlic, will restore natural hair color, if enough of it, RAW, is eaten over a long enough period 
of time. It will also give you the vigor, endurance, and vitality of a well-trained athlete or a healthy child. Very few people who are eating the Standard American Diet will be able to keep up with you, regardless of your age. Garlic restores sexual vigor - naturally and properly. Eating it enhances your natural emotions, and brings you into the REAL world, one where you will once again see your fellow man as valuable and precious. Your feelings will be deeper, stronger, and more intense. If you are 
too intense already - you know - the obsessive type, it will balance you out. Since garlic purifies as it works in your system, it will help clear up your complexion, your skin, your hair, and your fingernails. Pay close attention to your hair and nails - they will begin to grow at a phenomenal rate. One of the benefits that LOTS of you will like, is that eating raw garlic inhibits your body's ability to deposit unwanted FAT. It breaks up fat globules in the bloodstream, and flushes them out. Your short term memory will return - full force. That probably has something to do with garlic's ability to remove metals from your system. You will no longer be as double-minded, confused, sick, depressed, or angry without cause; there are PLENTY of reasons to be angry WITH cause, today.

     One other thing that we noticed about eating raw garlic - for some reason, unbeknownst to me, garlic appears to help you see the TRUTH. Cannot quite explain that one, but it does seem to make a difference. From the results of the many experiments I did with it, it also seems to keep you "connected" to the natural energy we get from the earth. 
     All right - have you gotten the drift about GARLIC, and how important it is to get it into your body? In conjunction with eating it RAW, by all means, roast it, sauté it, fry it, and bake it. But, eat some of it, RAW, every day. Don't make the mistake of thinking that eating it in any form but RAW will give you excellent results. You WILL get results, but nothing like the results that you get from eating it RAW. if this appears to be overkill on "RAW", well - it IS! I do not want you to underestimate the importance of eating it that way. It is vital. 

     In addition to what you've already read about garlic's amazing properties, additional research - some ours, some from other sources - indicates that you can use it to purify water, keep bugs out of your home and garden with it, get rid of warts, moles, tumors, dandruff, eczema, leukemia, hives, flu, Alzheimer's, carpal tunnel syndrome, ADD - that Attention Deficit Disorder, and APATHY. The latter, is one of the worst diseases ever to afflict man, and it is rampant today. Well, guess what? This is all part of THE PLAN. The "Powers that Be" even state that part of their "FUTURE SHOCK" agenda, is to bring so many different things down on us, and expose us to an incessant onslaught of violence and tragedy --- with such velocity, that our response, born out of SHOCK, will be APATHY. They are doing a tremendous job, don't you think?

     This section could go on and on and on. The "old wives' tales" of garlic's superior protection against a host of ills, are not a bit far-fetched or unfounded. They are based on fact and if ANYTHING,
are understated. 

     We have had incredible results in my home, using garlic for a lot of unconventional applications. I have rubbed a cut, raw garlic clove on the terminals of a cordless phone that we had, which had "given up the ghost". It decided to work again. I have put it in the battery compartments of toys that refused to work, let them sit a day, removed the garlic clove, and reinserted the IDENTICAL batteries that were originally in the toy. The toy ran, and continued to run for over a year. I put cloves of it in my pockets, when I was doing hard, physical labor, and worked for hours without a rest. I have seen garlic "pull" things out of a human body that defy description, and have run some tests with it, and experiments on it, that frankly are too bizarre and unbelieveable to include here.

     Doubting Thomases - you don't HAVE to believe a word of this. The TRUTH has been kept so far from you, that due to your education and indoctrination, you may reject every statement in this chapter. That's OK. That's THE PLAN - THEIR PLAN - to ensconce the public in their LIES, so you and yours will trust and believe - only THEM. Well, we have told you the truth, the "Powers That Be" are liars, and forewarned is forearmed.
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