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"Rise up, ye women that are at ease; hear my voice"  ---  Isaiah 32:9
subtly, secretly, silently, successfully...

Okay, guys - I said "FOR LADIES ONLY". Be a gentleman; there are so few of them left anymore. Pass on to the  - FOR MEN ONLY section, please. UNLESS, you are married - then, I guess you'd  better stick with me, right here, so you can share this information with your wife. Please don't badger her about it, pressure her, or make her feel ridiculous if she doesn't want to act on what is in this chapter. When she sees YOU doing things differently, she'll sit up and pay attention - count on it.
Well, gals - for starters - how do you like bras? Most women HATE them. That's about the ONLY correct idea that the radical feminists ever had - burning bras. Brassieres started out as a man's idea, you know. Modern brassieres, that is. They are loathed with good cause. Why would you put your precious breasts into a plasticized, synthetic "Beverly Hillbillies slingshot"? Are you devoid of reason? Just because the illustrious manufacturers make the heinous thing, MUST you buy and WEAR them? 
Most bras are made of Lycra spandex, nylon, polyester, or cotton blended with man-made materials. Even if the bra states on the label that it is 100% cotton, if it is from a major manufacturer, it is NOT.
The stitching is nylon or polyester, and there's plenty of it, too. Where does it run? Around the entire breast area, and very often, right across your nipples --- GREAT.

What about the lovely lace? IT'S not cotton. What about the straps? THEY"RE not cotton, nor 
are they even made with real rubber elastic anymore. That elastic is synthetic --- positively. The adjuster on the straps, the snaps, the hook and eye closures - they are all either plastic, base metal, or nylon - all bad for the body. Where are the closures located? Right smack dab over your spine, or over your breastbone. Well, it IS the logical place to have it, but it puts more metal and man-made synthetic material right over your spinal column. More "connections". Where is the label? Usually, right next to your spine. Is it cotton? NO. Lovely...

Now, ladies - don't get offended, but - do any of you ever notice an unsavory smell in your bra cups, when you remove your bra at night? Hopefully - you DO remove your bra at night. Did you ever wonder where that odor originated from, and why it's there? Well, your body is constantly releasing poisons and toxins via the skin, isn't it? That skin is trying to BREATHE. Nylon, spandex, polyester --- ANY man-made material prevents that amazing organ, your skin, from breathing normally. The waste accumulates, and you get a "cheesy smell", especially if you live in a warm climate, or it is summer where you are. You perspire, your body releases toxins through the pores, and when those toxins are "trapped", they create an odor.

WHENEVER you have a constricting "apparatus" against your skin, it will ALWAYS prevent expulsion of waste. If body waste cannot be expelled, what happens to it? It SITS there, clogs up the pores, and putrifies. That is exactly what causes a lot of cysts, boils, carbuncles, pimples, and tumors. There is one other thing that it causes, and that is --- cancer. Naturally, there are lots of things that cause cancer, but it appears that one of the causes of breast cancer, is SYNTHETIC BRAS.

Scientifically speaking, we supposedly expel more waste and moisture every day, through our skin, than we do any other way. Totally blocking the skin's pores can be fatal. Partially blocking the pores can be sickening - literally. Your skin has to "breathe", although that's not exactly an accurate term for what that organ does, but, it'll suffice. Ladies, either get the most natural cotton bra that you can find, OR find a good seamstress, who will duplicate your favorite one in cotton. Make sure that she stitches it with cotton, and find the healthiest fasteners that you can.
Eliminate them, whenever possible. I KNOW they make your legs look lovely. I KNOW it is a lot 
of fun to wear different colored ones. I KNOW we are in the "Age of Image". Well, Webster defines the word "image" as - "an imitation or representation of a person or thing, drawn, painted, etc; especially, a statue." How very interesting. That is definition #1, and definition #7 is equally as apropros - "The total impression created by a person, company, nation, etc., as a result of practices, policies, etc." The Age of "Image", "Illusion", "Impression" --- we are IN it. Those are all "I" words, too - neat, huh? Always, image is an imitation of the REAL THING.

Well, let's blast the image, and let the real YOU rise and shine. If you MUST wear nylons and 
panty hose, due to company regulations or such - get them off at home, and let your legs and feet 
and crotch BREATHE. Ever notice the "cotton crotch" on a lot of panty hose? Well, why do you think they started putting those in? Forgot that...just, get them off! Turn them inside out, shake them 
out, and just LOOK at the dead skin and and hair that flutters out. That should give you a clue...
Normally, any shedding your feet and legs would have done, would have just gone out into the atmosphere - but, you had nylons on. Those dead skin cells, hair, and minute toxins expelled from your skin, were trapped by those synthetic fibers up against your skin, which help keep you tuned 
in to their CONTROLS.

IF ANY OF YOU CAN FIND A VIABLE SOURCE OF 100% SILK NYLON PANTY HOSE, TRULY MADE OF SILK, NOT MAN-MADE, I WILL OVERNIGHT YOU A CHECK FOR $100. As soon as I verify that the silk is real, and not mixed with some other fiber, your check will be on its way. I have found cotton and wool hose, already - still looking for SILK, like we used to have. Cotton panty hose is "OK" - but, frankly - the look is not great. No blends, either, folks - has to be 100% SILK. Email me, if you find it...at the address on the CONTACT US page.
It bears repeating:
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