"And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn...for no man buyeth their 
merchandise any more."   ---  Revelation 18:11
If you take the time to do some tests with plastic, as outlined in the chapter called THE ENERGYGRAPH, you will see exactly why the poem above rings true.


subtly, secretly, silently, successfully...
It bears repeating:
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                        ODE TO DuPONT​
                                                   by Og

​Plastic, plastic everywhere - it's in our food and drink.
​We drown in seas of plastic - and no one seems to think,
That anything is really wrong - it's plentiful and cheap.
Well, you're drowning in it, darlings - and the plastic sea is deep.

You put it in your body, and you wear it in your clothes,
You cook, and sleep and walk on it - it's in your pantyhose.
You chew it, and you drink it - and you paint it on your walls,
You ride on it, you sit on it - and vinyl coat your halls.

Plastic-coated tables - vinyl covered chairs,
You drink your coffee in it - and plastic tread the stairs.
It steals away your life-force - plastic's NOT a gift, 
They're selling it to US, to use - now, do you get my drift?

We deal with plastic people - with plastic masks and smiles,
Plastic fills your houses - in stores, it lines the aisles.
It drains you of your energy - your strength it saps away,
"I simply do not FEEL good" - you repetitively say.

​It messes with our brain waves - it tends to make us sick.
Our homes are made with plastic now - at one time we used brick.
While they still eat with silver - we use their styrofoam,
They scream about recycling - but, THEY pollute the loam.

These makers of the plastic - the price they'll one day pay,
For what they've done to man and Earth - just WAIT 'til Judgment Day.
When God will judge the nations - their riches won't prevail,
For plastic goods they've sold us - you'll hear them weep and wail.

In the interim, beloved - 'til God burns up the tares,
Let's deplete their coffers - just DON'T BUY THEIR WARES.
We managed rather nicely - without their plastic stuff,
Let them KEEP their merchandise - until He cries "ENOUGH!"
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