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subtly, secretly, silently, successfully...
"Who IS the wise man, that may understand this?"  ---  Jeremiah 9:12

    Men, I have a few things to say to you, aside from alerting you to some of the CONTROLS in 
your clothing. I'll only touch on that part, here. The OLYMPIANS' plan, for MEN, should make your blood boil. The interlocking mesh of the web they have thrown over the men of the world, is horrendous. You, as men, can do more to free our women and children from the enslavement they are in, than ANY OTHER FORCE imaginable. Remember, brethren, God almost always had the men 
in positions of authority, but when there was no man found, he used a woman. Let's get the burden 
of what has happened to our nation back on the MEN'S shoulders, so the women can get out of the work force, if they WANT to, and get back to raising up families of sound, solid, stock.

    The legitimate blame, for what has come down on this nation and the world - belongs to - the MEN. Most of you have allowed yourselves to be corrupted through flatteries and deceit, and made into cuckolds, in your own homes. Not only have you let your families down, you've let our nation down. Have any among you, the ZEAL of our founding fathers? The most zeal I have seen in the male of the species, is when you are all caught up in things like the Super Bowl, the World Series, and the World Heavyweight Boxing Championship.

     What do you say we champion the cause of FREEDOM? Don't tell me its too late - I don't believe it. Do you want to be viewed as wimps and mice, when all of this New World Order agenda has come and GONE? Because GO - it will. The GOVERNMENT will be upon His shoulders, the capable shoulders of the Son of God, Jesus, and you'll be called to account for what you DID or DIDN'T do.
   The FIRST thing you men need to do, is to ask God to help you. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, you know, and the beginning of knowledge, also...

    The SECOND thing you need to do, is to come together in groups, without prejudice, and reclaim our nation. If talking would do it, we'd have our REPUBLIC back by now. Forget all of the statutes and regulations - the United States Government is under the auspices of the United Nations and Great Britain, whether you believe it, or not. Start in your own backyard, and reclaim the territory.

     The THIRD thing you need to do, is to make your presence known. Those of you in small towns have a marvelous advantage over those in major cities. Check out your town's charter. If you town 
has never been properly chartered, or incorporated - YOU do it. You then, will be in a position to receive any revenues coming to that municipality - legitimately, and you can decide how the town 
is thereafter to be run. In the early 1990's, Colorado put the Federal government on notice, to get out of their backyard. There are many ways to reclaim our land, but the you will have to get away from the indoctrination of the television, the newspaper, and the radio, if you want to know the truth. All of the major media in this nation is CONTROLLED, by the same few sources.

    MEN, we are NOT a DEMOCRACY. We are a REPUBLIC, under a Constitution. You need only to examine the Pledge of Allegiance, to realize that. "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, AND TO THE REPUBLIC for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." REMEMBER? A REPUBLIC is defined as - "a state in which sovereign power is invested in representatives chosen by the people to govern." Political parties are a joke, men. You need to impeach the imposters in Congress, starting with your own state, and put people in their stead, as quickly as you can, who will REPRESENT THE PEOPLE.

    Let NO man infiltrate your group, or distract you from your goal. Once before, we gained our ascendancy over a super power, as colonists, when we broke free from England. (Although, the truth is that we are not really free from England yet, even today.) If ENOUGH MEN would unite, and come into agreement, and go forth in ACTION, the families of America could breathe freely again, and the nation would PROSPER. You don't need to have millions of MEN, or even tens of thousands. The people of America are crying for release. There are ENOUGH of you, to not only affect a change, but to effect a revolution.  MEN, you need to determine if your HONOR, MEANS anything to you, if your family means anything to you, or your sister, or your brother, or your fellow man. This nation is suffering under a crushing weight, and some courageous adrenaline needs to flow through your veins, to thrust that weight off.
     The time you spent lifting weights, the time you spend at the spa, or working out at the gym, building up the body beautiful, could be put to much better use, building up your forces to regain CONTROL of our country. Whose idea do you think all of this "bodybuilding" nonsense is, anyway? 
Oh, you never thought about it. Well, it's about time that someone DID.

     While THE CONTROLLERS have been working to steal our liberties away - you come home from work, and go out to play. The thing that you SHOULD exercise, is your BRAIN, 'cause your freedoms are slipping away down the drain. THEY'RE completely at ease, knowing few will discover - this "fitness" regime is only a cover. That's right, guys. THEY build the gyms, THEY sell the equipment, THEY promote the body beautiful, and THEY reap the profits. Forget about your muscles and your waist for a moment - patriots are in JAIL, political prisoners, here in the United States, and YOU'RE 
at the gym. Sure, it's fun, but who are you helping? YOU!

     How man of you out there will be honest enough to say, or even admit to yourself, that one reason you go, is to be around all of the lovely ladies? Not real great for a marriage, guys. There are plenty of ways to stay fit, without parading around in your almost "all-together" - almost all-together NOTHING, that is - in front of a lot of people of the opposite sex, who are parading around in THEIR almost "all-together", in front of you. You can easily find ways to get fit with your spouse - not fit to be tied, either - and plenty of ways to "get fit" with your family.

     For those of you who do imbibe - how much time do YOU spend with your tribe? Do you go out with your buddies, for "only one beer" - while your wife and kids wonder - "Why isn't he HERE?" All 
the while you are fraternizing with the gang, you could be working hard to get FREEDOM again. I realize that I'm being hard on you, men - but, if we really want to be FREE MEN, we need to put our efforts into it, diligently. Wait until you read what THEY have planned for YOU... 
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