NOT ALWAYS; this is not etched in stone! Love can overcome a lot of things, and so can the constitution and temperment inherited from the parents. Likewise, people who are amid natural surroundings, eating natural, whole foods, wearing natural clothing, largely detached from this "electronic age", also TEND to be more well-balanced, caring, down-to-earth individuals. NOT ALWAYS. Remember that I said TEND to be, not ARE. Again, this is not etched in stone! There have been a lot of human terrors throughout history, but never before have there been so many "fake" folks. Most of the people I encounter on a daily basis present themselves as "together", but when any meaningful conversation presents itself, the majority of them appear to be shallow, self-centered, and fake. What a heartache!

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It bears repeating:
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subtly, secretly, silently, successfully...
​     Long ago, in days of old, it was a matter of pride to be a "self-made" man. Those days are all but gone. Today, we are surrounded by "man-made" men. Allow me to explain...

    Haven't you ever wondered about the robotic automatons who serve us, sell to us, and surround us? It's a Barbie and Ken world out there. People are shallow, sullen, silly, saccharine, sanctimonious, smug, scatterbrained, synthetic, and SELFISH. It's scary!

    They are noticeably irritated if you interrupt their consumption of computers, television, video games, radio programs, movies, music or anything else. Well - no wonder. They are largely made up of plastic. HOLD ONJUST BE PATIENT - YOU'LL GET IT. Compared to any of the natural materials that are available for components and housings, fabric and furnishings, plates and flatware - plastic flunks the test, health-wise.

     Human beings are a unique composite of everything that they eat, drink, 
wear, breathe, see, touch, feel, smell and think. Literally...everything - true.  
Most of this is easy to understand, some of it needs to be spiritually discerned, 
but it is all - logical. There are natural, universal, immutable laws that operate 
non-stop, in the forming and building of a human being. For instance - a baby 
who is nursed at the breast tends to be affectionate, warm, relaxed, intelligent and aware. A baby who is plugged into a pacifier at the slightest whimper, fed formula in plastic bottles, and swaddled in synthetics - tends to be more distrustful, aloof, colicky, cranky, prone to infections and tense. 
     You know. our bodies HAVE to breathe. Breathing is a vital, on-going process of inhalation and exhalation. Much, much more is involved than just air and lungs. Our bodies just cannot breathe, in plastic. Our brains do not operate as well, surrounded by plastic. By nature, our bodies reject plastic, and all synthetic, man-made materials. Our skin reacts to it, our feelings react to it, and even our hearts, minds, souls, and spirits react to it. They REJECT it.

     Today, we typically have the following scenario: Dad wakes up, to an electronic signal piped at him from a plastic-encased alarm clock/radio. He gets up out of bed, where he has been reposing on a mattress made of synthetic materials, which is covered by a mattress cover made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester, quilted with nylon thread, and stuffed with polyfill. On top of that, are sheets that are usually made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester, and on top of that, is usually an acrylic or synthetic blend comforter or bedspread. That's a lot of detail, and a lot of "ands". Did that annoy you? GOOD! That means you're still thinking for yourself. 

     Starting the day, he slips his bare feet into acrylic-lined slippers, which have a synthetic sole, pads across his nylon carpet, goes into the bathroom and sits down on a plastic-cushioned toilet seat, with his slippers resting on a nylon bathroom rug. He grabs his plastic-handled toothbrush, with its plastic bristles, brushes his teeth over a manmade sink, rinses his mouth out with a plastic cup, grabs his plastic-handled disposable razor, and commences shaving with his chemical-laden shaving cream.

    He then steps into a fiberglass shower stall, showers and shampoos with soap, shampoo and conditioner that are heavily laced with synthetic perfumes, dyes, alcohols, and other chemicals, and dries himself off, usually with a 100% cotton towel. The towel is invariably stitched heavily with nylon at the end seams, and SOME towels and washcloths are blends, too. Terry cloth is always supposed to be 100% cotton, isn't it? Well, I've tested a LOT of them, and very often, they are NOT.

     Next, our man proceeds to get dressed. First, the underpants - possibly 100% cotton body, but lots of them are 50-50 blends, or dyed silk, and the waistband, with its imprints, is most definitely NOT cotton, nor does it even contain any genuine rubber elastic anymore. The TAG, which hits him dead center on the spine, is not cotton, neither is all that heavy stitching. Ok, his underpants are on. Now, he pulls on his black or other dark color, cotton/lycra/nylon, all nylon or acrylic socks, puts on his trousers - usually all blends, especially if they are suit pants, and zips up the Teflon zipper.

     Don't pat yourself on the back too much if you are wearing jeans, or 100% cotton or wool pants. THE PLANNERS have managed to put plenty of CONTROLS in those, too. That's thoroughly covered in the CLOTHING CONTROL CONNECTION chapter. Now, for the shirt - all right, a lot of you put the shirt on first - doesn't matter.  I don't. Remember - this is merely a hypothetical man - HE puts his pants on first. The shirt - how many men even OWN a dress shirt that isn't made of blended fibers? Not many.  Silk is good, and silk men's shirts usually are 100% silk when they say they are, but the tag isn't, the interfacing isn't, and the stitching usually isn't.

     Our stereotype man next buttons up his shirt, with its plastic buttons, inserts his feet into shoes that may have leather uppers, but not much else, laces them up with synthetic laces, flips a tie, which is USUALLY synthetic, around his neck, runs a plastic comb through his hair, or uses a, plastic-bristled brush, that has a plastic handle, and straps on his plastic or base-metal watch, and reaches for his wallet. The wallet, while it purports to be genuine leather, is usually bonded leather, or genuine leather lined with synthetic material. Often, his wallet is just plain nylon. So as not to be out-ot-touch with the world, he picks up his plastic-encased cell phone, picks up his metallic alloy coins, pockets them, and heads for the kitchen. Don't forget, usually that wallet that he slid into his probably-not-cotton pocket is crammed with plastic credit cards, complete with magnetic strips.

     When our man arrives in the kitchen, he plunks himself down on a chair covered with a fabric-blend or Naugahyde, scoots it across a synthetic carpet or a vinyl-covered floor, to close in on the table, made of formica or polyurethane-coated wood, and reaches for his morning coffee and newspaper. He probably adds artificial creamer and sweetener to his coffee, because he's watching his weight, eat eggs that come from chickens who have never seen the light of day, much less scratch and forage around for live food from a henyard. He wolfs down bacon or sausage that is loaded with sodium "erythreverythings", nitrates, nitrites, MSG, sugar, and dyes - AND consoles his conscience with a fat-free bagel made with white, denatured flour, slathered with cream cheese.

     Let us leave our man for the moment. My dearly beloved grandmother used to lambaste me for what SHE considered my "hillbilly ways", and tell me that I was just not "refined". My response went something like this - "Yeah, isn't that GREAT? You know what they do when they refine flour, don't you, Grandma? They take all of the GOOD things that are nutritious OUT, that give it LIFE and make it GROW, and leave you with a bunch of white starch.  And - you know what else, Grandma? You want me to act like the "upper crust" - well, that's just a lot of high-rising crumbs that all stick together."  She was not amused. There's a lot of truth in "them thar werds". All of these things that look NICE, and pure as the driven snow, are not NATURAL. Back to our scenario, with our average man...

     Our man, if he eats cereal for breakfast, is merely consuming fractionated, synthetic-vitamin enriched, dead grains and heated-until-there's-no-life-in-it milk. Sorry --- WHEATIES is NOT the breakfast of champions, and neither are all of these processed, prepared cereals, or breakfast meals, or breakfast drinks. Those found on the shelves of your local supermarket are all just fill-you-up but don't-feed-you junk.

     If a piece of raw fruit touches our man's lips, it's probably by mistake and dangerous at this point. It just might throw his system into SHOCK. As he consumes "the most important meal of the day", another LIE - at least with what THEY want us to eat, it's a lie - his hands contact the newly-printed daily newspaper that he's reading, saturated with not only toxic fresh black ink, but NOW we have colored ink for our skin to absorb, which is said to be many times worse. People are even admonished not to housetrain puppies on Sunday supplements and comic sections of the paper,  and not to line animal's cages with colored-print newspapers. They are also not safe to burn in your fireplace to start a fire - the fumes are noxious. Our man, since he woke up, has already received a massive dose of chemicals and synthetics - and his day has just BEGUN.

     As he prepares to leave for the office, he kisses his family good-bye, picks up his attache case, complete with plastic handle, grabs his keys, hits the plastic garage door opener, punches the plastic automatic car door opener, and slides into the driver's seat, which is probably covered in, some synthetic material, straps on the nylon seat belt, and drives to work, surrounded by synthetics that permeate the interior of the car. Most likely, he hits the plastic radio button, tunes in the station with a plastic dial or button, and listens to the electronic signals being broadcast, disseminating CONTROLLED information from a regulated media, or ingests via his ears, subliminal messages from self-improvement tapes. He has touched, or put ON, a lot of plastic, already. Again, the run-on sentences above were simply to make a point. 

     On a daily basis, we are INUNDATED with plastic and other synthetics. Is it any wonder that we seem to be dealing with PLASTIC PEOPLE?
The opinions expressed here are purely mine. Any references to real people are purely --- INTENTIONAL.
"Wise Men STILL Seek Him"