"...but I obtained mercy, because I did it ignorantly in unbelief."   ---   I Timothy 1:13

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​     Arriving at work, he walks down a man-made-materials carpeted floor, his body surrounded by vinyl-coated walls, sits in a synthetically cushioned chair, picks up a plastic pen, and starts to work. All day long, with intermittent pauses to actually WRITE something, and exercise his hand muscles, he punches plastic buttons, and plasters his eyes to a plastic computer screen emanating artificial light, and speaks into a plastic phone or a foam-covered headset, all the while working under fluorescent lights.

     At lunch, he orders a corned beef sandwich - with nitrates, and nitrites, or a hormone-laden burger, on a white bun slightly redeemed, and I DO mean slightly, by a light sprinkling of sesame seeds, and french fries coated with sugar or MSG - oh, yes they are! - to make them fry up nice and brown and crispy, and a salad laced with MSG, especially if he uses ranch dressing. He washes it down with more coffee with artificial creamer and sweetener, or mineral water bottled in plastic, or Pepsi or Coca-Cola - traces of xylene and toluene. A lot of our man's troubles stem from the fact that he is ingesting a LOT of plastic, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, MSG, and chemicals.

     Back at the office for the afternoon, same routine as the morning hours, maybe a quick break for a candy bar and soda, and he works in a hermetically sealed, climate-controlled environment, under unnatural fluorescent lights, until it is time to go home. At home, he changes into more comfortable clothing, sits in his manmade material lounge chair, eats a hasty dinner - not usually a healthy one, watches electronic signals from his TV, which portray a fantasy world that is synthetic, or plays video games with plastic controllers, or gets on the computer, and goes to bed. Poor man...

     (I'm getting a bit VERBOSE, you say? Ludicrous! Too extreme! Preposterous! Oh, really? Believe 
me - I have only scratched the surface. For WOMEN, it is much worse. I'll be brief with them.)

     A woman, in order to conform to what she is expected to look like, uses petroleum-based, chemical-rich cosmetics. They absolutely suffocate her skin. She puts her hair up in plastic rollers, uses a plastic-handled hair dryer, curls her hair using a plastic-handled curling iron, sprays her hair with "lacquer" [for lack of a better word], dons a synthetic-stitched, man-made material bra, encloses herself from toe to waist in a nylon shield called panty hose, and puts on man-made shoes. Then she dons clothing made of blends, paints her eyelids with lovely-hued eyeshadow, glues fake eyelashes on top of her natural ones, and paints her lips with heavy metal-rich colored waxes and dyes, [called lipstick].  She paints her acrylic or real fingernails with fungus-breeding acrylic nail polish, and hangs plastic or base-metal jewelry strung on nylon filament around her neck, and sticks base-metal or plastic earrings on or through her earlobes.  She is now PREPARED TO FACE THE WORLD, the image of perfection, inundated with plastic and antennae. Poor gal...

     Let's play pretend. What IF, a child is born at HOME, swaddled in 100% cotton cloths, nursed by his mother, who is wearing natural clothing, put to sleep in a cotton-padded, wooden crib with cotton sheets on it, diapered in cotton diapers and rubber - not plastic - pants, covered by a cotton or woolen blanket, and dressed in cotton gowns or kimonos that are handmade. This child, after weaning, is fed only natural, organic, whole foods, plays with toys of natural materials, and is raised in a natural-materials-based home, surrounded by loving, caring, balanced people in an atmosphere jam-packed with hugs and kisses, approval and affection, correction and discipline, and taught the TRUTH of God's word from an infant on. 

               1. Just how apathetic do you think that child would be to injustices? 
               2. How sensitive do you think he would be to synthetics? 
               3. How sick do you think he would be, if he had to eat like most of us do? 
               4. Finally, just how interested do you think he would be in the politics of 
                      plundering someone else's freedoms

What would you like to bet, that the answers to the above questions are:
                                                      1. Not very
                                                      2. Extremely
                                                      3. Really sick
                                                      4. Not at all
Poor child... he obviously didn't get properly CONDITIONED.  Pray that he never does.

     One reason that we have so many PLASTIC PEOPLE out there, is because they ARE plastic. Not totally literally, but - they're fed it, washed in it, swaddled in it, clothed in it, put to bed on it, surrounded by it, injected with it, and infected with it. No WONDER people no longer respond like LIVING, BREATHING, FEELING HUMAN BEINGS. They have been victimized by all of the chemical manufacturers of the world. Lest you think that this is a joke, or the rantings of a LUNATIC, which THEY would LOVE to have you believe, take a look at the following before I leave this topic. This information comes from the early 80's:

"...the banking industry in conjunction with the United States Government has completed 
testing a soft injectable plastic manufactured by a laboratory in Orlando, Florida. 
Upon a subcutaneous injection of the liquid substance, it smooths out under the 
skin much like water does on a flat surface; becomes semi-hard, forming a 
permanent under-skin shield on which the tattoo gun imprints the person's number."


     Beloved, every atom, every molecule, every cell of that man and woman has been affected -  whether they know it or not - by what they saw, ate, smelled, wore, touched, heard, sat on, walked on, or tasted. The more synthetics, the more plastic, the more chemicals, the more additives, the more shallow and sick the person. If it was not for the redeeming effects of sunshine and fresh air, they would in all probability, DROP DEAD. The end result of inhaling, ingesting and absorbing all of those neurotoxins and plastic substances, is - PLASTIC PEOPLEwithout natural affection, passion, empathy, or zeal. We have spawned an entire generation of automatons, who prefer their own selfish pleasures and pursuits, to TRUTH, HONOR, and JUSTICE. May God have mercy.

     If you fit the profile, take heart. LOTS of people do. You have been in ignorance. NOW, you know the TRUTH. Save yourself and your family. Change your habits, change your lifestyle, change your diet, change your LIFE, and TAKE CONTROL.
It bears repeating:
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