No, I did NOT spell that word incorrectly in the above quote - that's PRECISELY how it is spelled in the King James Bible. NOW, for a chapter that does NOT concern a CONTROL that has been forced upon us, but rather - offers an ANTIDOTE to their poisons. God's Word says that "He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, and HERB for the service of man..." - Psalms 104:14. Let's examine just ONE particular herb - you're going to NEED it.
"We remember...the garlick..." --- Numbers 11:5
     Ah - garlic - that incredible, edible bulb! The aroma of the ages, that pungent plant that mightily  energized and sustained the workers who built the Pyramids, the vegetable the Russians call "Russian penicillin", the herb that purges body, mind, and soul. Garlic's role is legendary as protection from the plague, the scourge of the vampire, and the bane of the breath.

     Don't laugh - EAT IT! Garlic will be a large part of your physical, mental, and emotional salvation. Just in the last 35 years, there have been almost a thousand reports, books, articles, and scientific papers published about this miraculous bulb. It has been known for thousands of years, as food and medicine. In archaeological digs, perfectly sculpted facsimiles of garlic have been found, testaments as to its legendary properties in ages past. History has recorded its part in sustaining the strength of slaves, down through the ages. It is written that the workers building the Pyramids went on strike, when denied their garlic rations. Many references can be found to garlic's antiseptic and antibiotic properties - curing anything from high blood pressure to cancer. Traditionally, it wards off bubonic plague, and other epidemics. We are all familiar with its role in warding off Dracula, Hollywood-style.
There is more than a grain of truth in THAT connection.

     You know, one reason THE OLYMPIANS conduct their affairs with such impunity, is that they DO have knowledge of supernatural, incredible things. Their alliance with the other side, if you will, is a very REAL thing. Down through the ages, God's prophets ALSO had knowledge of the secret, hidden things. Herein lies the difference - OUR knowledge, the knowledge that comes from God, that He reveals to those who seek His face - is TRUE. THEIRS contains SOME truth, and a lot of lies. Lucifer captures their attention and allegiance with incredible, almost unbelievable, "wisdom", invariably called the "ancient mysteries, the secrets of the ages". However, the wisdom they have is ALWAYS tainted with subtle lies and perversions. GOD'S wisdom is 100% TRUE, and freely given to any who SEEK it. We don't need any secret societiesdire oathscovert hand signals, or special attire  to ACCESS it. All God wants is a heart after Himone who diligently seeks His face, and OBEDIENCE. If you offer these things to Him, with a contrite heart and a willing spirit, the knowledge that He will flood you with, will "knock your socks off".
     Before you mock and scorn, and laugh yourselves silly, why don't you read the following paragraphs? Then, you can laugh some more. They cover an interesting TIDBIT that I unearthed, in my research. I include it purely for your reading pleasure - just something to let "rumble around" in your brain. Then, I'll get into WHY you need to eat GARLIC every day, to help protect you some, from the onslaught of THEIR wicked plan.

     In a copy of National Geographic, a publication owned and controlled by THEM, I found an article on AMBER. It was in the September 1977 issue, which I still have. Amber is a substance with which I am well acquainted, having used lots of it in a business I had at one time. I had been doing some unusual experiments with it and with garlic. Seems that "the establishment" believes, or at least they put in their textbooks, that amber is formed solely from hardened tree sap - resin. On the surface, that appears to be correct, however, there is more to it, than that. Regardless - the article, written  in National Geographic's typical evolutionary propaganda style, included a greatly magnified photo, of "the oldest ant known to man". This particular ant, was 100 MILLION YEARS OLD! Fancy that! Not 14 million years old, or 65 thousand years old, but - 100 MILLION YEARS OLD!

     Such ACCURACY! At any rate, the article went on to state, that this PARTICULAR ANT, now enshrined at Harvard University's Department of Fossil Insects, is an "important link in the evolution of ants." Just like that, as though it was an established FACT. What was so interesting about the ant, was that it LOOKED JUST LIKE THE ANTS WE HAVE TODAY! But, they said that it was 100 MILLION YEARS OLD, and WHO would question the veracity of National GeographicME! I know too much about their backers and their purpose. Some of my research had shown that amber is apparently closely related to human blood, embedded in the ground, and fossilized. I'd love to be able to run a DNA test on that one. At any rate...

     Let your mind go into an abstract mode, and follow me a moment. Resin - tree sap, is the "blood" of trees. Wood has a lot of the same characteristics of human flesh. Any "New-Agers" reading this will understand EXACTLY what I am saying. Haven't you ever heard their jargon - "Hug a tree"? Anyway, the article declares that amber is fossil resin. Well, maybe it is. Everyone else agrees, that it is. MY research, linked it to blood, though I don't deny that dried sap also becomes amber. Now, here's the kicker. If you dig a bit - pun intended - you will find that amber is very often unearthed in large quantities, in gravesites - mass gravesites. Ok, so what? Well, amber is considered to be "akin" to an actual mineral. Just remember that, and on the next page, we'll bring REALGAR into it.
It bears repeating:
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