Many places that DO allow cigarette smoking, do NOT allow cigar smoking, and believe me, the reason is not purely because of the "offensive odor", as some of them state. There are LOTS of cigars that emit a sweet, aromatic, fruity odor when smoked, which many non-smokers have told me, is very inoffensive to them. Yet, I have been told several times, on international flights, and in many restaurants, that NO CIGAR SMOKING is allowed. Usually, when I explained to them that the aroma from my cigars is completely inoffensive, they relent. On occasion, they don't. That's ok. The people who are in charge of enforcing these rules are not at fault - many of them sympathized with me.

     The "Powers that be", and their cohorts, know - that smoking pure, unadulterated tobacco has the effect of DISCONNECTING us from some of their CONTROLS; messes up the connection somehow.

     So - on the one hand, they are adding small doses of chemicals and drugs - more on that, later - to the tobacco products we buy, and THEN, they stereotype and frustrate us, by promoting an image of smokers that borders on the diabolical. Let me explain...

     A few years back, I took a lot of flights, within a period of months - 23, I think. When I had a layover, I would often have to leave the airport terminal, in order to smoke. If there was a lounge, I could occasionally sit there, drink some coffee, and smoke. In several airports, I could not smoke at all. Now, if I was a drinker, which I am NOT, I could get roaring drunk - there is plenty of alcohol to be had, at airports. They don't mind THAT, at all. As a matter of fact, it feeds their "money machine", and makes the mind control techniques there, that much more effective. By lowering a person's inhibitions, and relaxing their nervous system, it allows the subliminals broadcast to have better access to the brain. This, THE CONTROLLERS, well know. 

     Since they own the concessions at the airports - just follow the financial trail, you'll see, it ends at THEM - they are enjoying the best of both worlds. At the airports, you pay to drink, dearly, not only financially, but also mentally, by being more "tuned in" to their AGENDA. I could get into the technicalities of this, but it would most likely bore you, and you would stop reading, right now. Logic should reveal to you the truth of what I am stating.

     Not content to collect your money in the airport terminal, the airlines sell alcoholic beverages on the flights, as well - at least, they did on every flight I took; with the exception of one flight. That was on a little "two-seater" plane flight I took, where there was barely enough room for the pilot, the co-pilot, and me. Now, WHY isn't someone angry enough to put a stop to THAT? Alcohol is notorious for its deleterious effects on a human being: lots of those folks who drink, get off a flight inebriated, and drive their automobiles - soused! That does not even compute.

     What also does not appear to compute, is that tobacco is BIG BUSINESS, and they appear to be cutting off their own noses, BUT, NOT REALLY, if you follow the trail. THEY own the major tobacco companies, THEY own the major airlines, THEY control the FAA - THAT'S eminently verifiable, THEY own the major breweries and distilleries, AND - once your health IS destroyed, THEY'LL get your finances through the medical profession, which THEY basically control, and the drug manufacturers, which THEY own. The only reason for the big battle against tobacco, the REAL reason, is that orders have come down from the top, to clear the air, so THEY have free rein, in YOUR brain. You do not have to believe this, but - you WILL see, eventually, that it is true.

     Here's an interesting morsel. In one airport, which I have frequented several times, there is a "smoking lounge". Some SMOKING LOUNGE! All it is, is a huge room - with NO ventilation - furnished with cheap, chipped up plastic chairs, a few phones, and a couple of ashtrays. Again - there is NO VENTILATION, at all! It is dark, dismal, and depressing. If you were to just casually stroll by, and glance inside - it looks like a SCENE FROM HELL. The air is blue-grey with smoke, and people are just sitting or standing by one of the few ashtrays, and puffing away. There is no place to put a computer, or rest your arms and read a book, or put a drink in front of you comfortably - just the bare essentials necessary to a smoker. A place to sit or stand, and an ashtray - there were 2 or 3 of them. It was almost impossible to breathe in there, and I AM a smoker. So, anyone walking by, immediately gets a mental image of smokers as this group of people "herded" together and confined to a specific area, to indulge in their nasty habit. Ventilation alone would cure most of that picture. I would usually just find one of the bars, and drink coffee and smoke there. THAT, at least, WAS ventilated. 

     The LAST time I was in that particular airport - it was the Atlanta airport, actually - I had about an 8 hour layover. Two of my grown children were with me. While they went off to get something to eat, I decided to explore a bit. Taking off for the INTERNATIONAL LEVEL, where flights come in from all over the world, I made a discovery. LO AND BEHOLD! There were lovely places on that level, where I could not only sit down and get something to eat and drink, in a restaurant atmosphere - but I could SMOKE, right at my table. The VENTILATION was excellent, and several other people were smoking, too. I spent more money at the airport that day - good for their pocketbook - than I typically did, because I could actually sit down, relax, drink some coffee, and smoke a cigarette - in comfortable, clean surroundings. That was a few years ago - things may have changed - but, THAT 
day I actually enjoyed the long layover. Seems like the Atlanta airport deliberately catered to their INTERNATIONAL travelers, because the entire level was MUCH nicer, AND, a lot of international travelers - SMOKE.
It bears repeating:
subtly, secretly, silently, successfully...
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