I had an experience on one flight, that showed me how determined THEY are to control those of us who smoke. This flight involved several short layovers. At the first stop, we had about 22 minutes before we took off, again. I told the flight attendant I'd be right back, and left. She warned me, that if I didn't get back in time, they'd take off without me. I thanked her, and went, anyway. At the next layover, I was told I couldn't get off yet, because I couldn't get back in time, before the next takeoff, about half an hour, and they had to count the people. I politely told her, that was ok, I WOULD have time, and she just needed to count one more, for me. Then, I "tongue-in-cheek" told the pilot not to leave without me; he assured me they would not - and I left. On the third layover, I was physically NOT permitted to leave the plane, by the flight attendant. She blocked my path, to where I couldn't get to where the pilot was, without a scene. Needless to say, I was FURIOUS, and NOT because I was having a "nicotine fit". I have NEVER had a "nicotine fit". I was angry, because I was barred from leaving the plane, and I was the only one on the plane, who was taking the entire flight - from start to finish. I just wanted to get OFF the plane, and into another atmosphere. It was forbidden.

     Talk about CONTROL! If you want to get a good understanding of how tight their CONTROLS are, go to an airport, and just observe. People are funneled through like sheep, treated like sheep, and packed in like sheep. I have seen a few people abused, too - for absolutely nothing. 

     I championed one lady's cause, who was getting a rough time from airport security, and managed to get her on the flight. This had NOTHING to do with tobacco, by the way. They were giving her grief about her carry-on bag, and her purse, and I was carrying TWICE as much. No one said a WORD to ME! Without going into the entire incident, I took one of HER bags, and gave her one of MINE, and said - "Follow me!" She did. The security people hollered after me - "Is she with you?" I responded, "She is NOW", and we both got on the plane. I was just glad I was there to help her. Most of the CONTROLS 
at the airports that are imposed on us can be logically defended, from THEIR standpoint. However, hundreds of them, cannot.

     If you are going to continue to smoke, at least smoke something that is 100% real, pure tobacco. It is hard to find, but you CAN get it. That's what I smoke. You'll pay a bit more for it, but your health will thank you for it. It should also bring you great pleasure to realize that you are not giving money to THEM

     In a book I have on Macrobiotics, smoking is addressed. The authorities on Macrobiotic circles are considered to be Michio, Muramoto, and Ohsawa. Here is what they have to say about cigarette smoking. This is worth reading, and I couldn't have said it better, myself. They say: 

     Muramoto says, that people who both eat badly AND smoke, are susceptible to lung cancer, but those who eat healthily and smoke moderately, will probably not develop it. He adds, that by smoking, the natural respiratory cycle is disturbed, due to overstimulating inhalation. Tar and nicotine are attracted to uric acid deposits in the lungs, thus increasing your chances of developing lung cancer. Well, most of us know that uric acid lodges in deposits, all over the body, mainly through the overeating of animal protein. It follows, that, while smoking is not necessarily a good habit - it, alone, is not responsible for the lung cancer that is so prevalent today. The true cause of lung cancer, is a faulty diet, factors in our environment, and additives in what we smoke.

     If you eat a lot of raw food, and be sure that your daily fare contains fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and fish - not shellfish, i.e. clams, lobster, crab, oysters, etc. - you can smoke in moderation, and not live in fear that you will contract lung cancer. There are of course, other factors involved, such as if you have inhaled a lot of asbestos, or some other substance that targets your lungs, but, DIET plays a HUGE role in your lungs' health.
"Sometime we're going to have to tackle the battle of smoke, and it may as well be now. Macrobiotic-ites say that the major cause of lung cancer, is foods such as animal fat, dairy products, and sugar, 'which' according to Michio, 'produce a sticky condition in both the blood stream and the air sacs within the lungs. If you are eating well, you need not worry about smoking being a cause of lung cancer. In fact, with a clean and healthy blood condition, smoking can help to prevent lung cancer'. 

(Empasis mine, and - that's what the man says!)

'If, on the other hand, you are eating plenty of dairy food, sugar, or animal fat, it may be better if you don't smoke.' Ohsawa, writing in 1963, said that everyone in London was breathing contaminants equal to eighty cigarettes a day, so he apparently believed that a city environment of this kind was as threatening as cigarettes. He did not consider smoking to be injurious to health. Moreover, he declared that the medical profession and the government were wrong to say, on the basis of 'statistics rather than logic', that smoking was probably the most serious cause of lung cancer".
It bears repeating:
subtly, secretly, silently, successfully...
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