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     Ready for ANOTHER LIE? This one's a WHOPPER - and you have swallowed it with nary a choke 
or a gag. If your thinking cap is in place, THIS lie is really going to get you going. Ready? Here it is:    WE HAVE TO SAVE THE PLANET!

     What a LIE! Now, hold your horses! I am not saying that the industrial pollution that's being dumped into our water supply and our air, is not polluting our planet - far from it.  I am ALL FOR keeping what we breathe and drink as pure as possible.  Rain, sleet, snow, hail - all of the normal  precipitation we get, helps to clean the air.  The rivers and streams, gulfs and oceans should NOT  have toxic waste dumped into them.  BUT, the farce, is in WHO is BEHIND the "environmentalists"  spouting. 

     We are NOT in danger of running out of water, fuel, or air!  That is just an enormous LIE! The "environmentalists" drivel, is driven by the ORACLE of  THE OLYMPIANS.  Now, SIMMER DOWN, and 
let me explain...

     The nonsense, spelled "non-sense", revolves around pet cliches - designed and engineered by THEM. They tout slogans like - "Over-Population", "Save the Trees", "No Nuclear Energy", "Save Mother Earth", "Global Warming", "Save the Planet", "Kill the Unborn" - oh, sorry...they don't exactly put it that way, but the effect's the same.  "Recycle", and on and on it goes.  Almost all of their trumped up mottos are causes without a cause.  When you see who is FUNDING a lot of the "GREEN MOVEMENT" - you'll get the picture, too.

     One of the biggest thrusts today, to "Save the Environment", is in the recycling realm. They regale us with RIDICULOUS RHETORIC. People have ALWAYS recycled, by nature. Mankind has always found additional uses for discarded items, and things made of wood, cotton, wool, linen, leather, 
silk, bamboo, hemp, coconut husks, etc. ALL return in a relatively short amount of time, to their constituent elements.  Even archaeologists rarely find leather, wood, or textiles in a dig, unless they are in an arid atmosphere, or in some other manner - preserved.  When they DO, it creates quite a  sensation.  I could cite instances of some, but, on the whole - they are the exception rather than 
the rule. Natural, organic substances decay.

     Synthetics, on the other hand, tend to just sit there, and clog our landfills, oceans, lakes and streams. Years ago, we didn't have as many manmade things to get rid of that just "SAT" at the dumps, and did not decompose. Now, we have a myriad of products that do not biodegrade easily - thanks to DuPont and their compatriots.  Think a moment, will you? NATURAL FIBERS, NATURAL MATERIALS, and the products made from them  are ALREADY biodegradable, now AREN'T they?  Who GAVE us these things that are not easily absorbed back into the environment?

     Well, dear ones, we were blessed with waste from the people at the TOP.  DuPont, Monsato Company, Hercules Incorporated, W.R. Grace & Co., American Cyanamid Company, Burlington Industries Equity Incorporated, to name a few.  They hawk the wonderful benefits of their wares, 
but NEVER ONCE do you hear them tell the TRUTH about synthetic fabrics.  The TRUTH is, that all of their synthetic fabrics, manufactured for your wearing enjoyment, are DEATH to the human body, 
and DEATH to the planet.

     We are again the victims of  "DOUBLESPEAK". On one hand, THE CONTROLLERS purport to be drastically concerned about our environment - to the point of obsessiveness.  Staggering amounts of new legislation is passed, based on their dire predictions of global warming, and vanishing resources, over-population, deforesting of our land, and imminent nuclear war.  They lobby and lie about RENEWABLE RESOURCES.  Then - WHY ALL THE PLASTIC, GUYS?  THEY make it, and SELL IT TO US!  SHEEP that we are, we BUY IT AND USE IT! 

     EXACTLY WHO DO YOU THINK MANUFACTURES the building materials, textiles, electronics, and almost everything else done on a large scale? THE ONE-WORLDERS! So, WHO has the upper hand, here? THEY DO! Are we going to let them keep it? Not if I can help it!

     P.S. Oh, and - don't buy that LIE about tragedy if/when the polar ice cap melts.  Water is the only element of which I am aware, that EXPANDS in a frozen state, and SHRINKS when it is liquid.  If the entire polar ice cap melted, we might see some strange things, but the displacement of water is --- the displacement of water.  No matter how much water is there in the form of ice, it is still displacing water in the form of liquid.  As ice, the amount of room taken up by it is greater than when it is liquid, so why would the melting of the polar ice cap raise the oceans level one tiny bit? Seems the scientists would jump on that one, but - oh, well. THINK, MAN, THINK!

     Furthermore, we are NEVER in danger of running out of water.  There is as much water here today, as there was a thousand, two thousand, three thousand years ago - EXCEPT for the amounts taken off into space for the space race programs.  Any small amount that was, is negligible.  The water evaporates, goes into atmosphere, and comes back down to us - OVER and OVER and OVER again.  So - HOW COULD WE BE IN DANGER OF RUNNING OUT OF WATER???

Back to what else is in our clothing...
     Let's examine some other interesting facts and findings, shall we?  I mentioned earlier about homemade clothing.  When your mother or grandmother sewed, knitted, crocheted, embroidered, quilted, and smocked your wardrobe, I'll bet you money - figuratively speaking only - that she did 
NOT put labels in things. They ARE available, but very few people use them on a regular basis. If she could have made her own, she CERTAINLY wouldn't have picked some gosh-awful irritating material 
to use, to make them.

     Well, THE OLYMPIANS aren't your mother! They are a lot of things - DESTRUCTIVE, DEMENTED, DECEIVED, DELUDED, DESTRUCTIVE, DEMONIC, DIABOLICAL, and DISGUSTING - but, they're NOT your mother. They are your sworn ENEMY, and the clothing labels are a LARGE part of their CONTROL over YOU. LAUGH at your own risk - I have littered my house with enough torn-apart clothing to know EXACTLY what I am talking about. Clothing labels contain CONTROLS.

     Those of you with families - THINK. Didn't you ever notice how your children tug at the labels, and beg you to cut them out? My children used to deliberately put their T-shirts on inside-out and backwards, instinctively avoiding body contact. (And, no - my children weren't strange - there was a tribe of them, and NONE of them liked the labels in their clothing.) Proper parents that we are, we make Johnny and Suzie put their clothing on the PROPER way, and they HATE it. Little do we realize 
that we're helping to enslave them.

     I couldn't begin to tell you how many times my boys and girls, and I have LOTS of them, simply removed the offending article of clothing, altogether.  Out of the mouths of babes! Looking back, I cannot remember ONE SINGLE ARTICLE OF CLOTHING THAT WAS HANDMADE, EVER being removed 
by them like that.  Would that I had recognized the reason for their behavior YEARS ago.  Alas, too soon we get old, too late we get smart.  Always busy accomplishing the urgent, we overlook and ignore the IMPORTANT.  Now...where do they PUT those annoying tags?  Well, the most common place is right at the back of the collar, inside - so it touches your skin, right?  Right at the top of the spine, aren't they? THAT IS DONE DELIBERATELY, WITH FORETHOUGHT AND MALICE.

     Almost all labels are in a very susceptible area. That very effective placement makes for a
very cleverly, cunningly, contrived and collaborated CONTROL.  That TAG, that manufacturer's identifying label, forms a "connection" between the stitching around the neck of the garment, and 
the electrostatically sensitive "control" in the label.  Usually, at the very top of the label - hidden underneath the seam, is a very strongly stitched "line" of nylon, polyester, or stitching of some other synthetic fiber, that is extremely sensitive to electrostatic copper wire is, you know. Different application, same principle.  Once removed, the garment has a totally different effect on the human body.

     However, THE CONTROLLERS are well aware of the fact that many of us will cut the labels out, so they have insured our complete compliance with their CLOTHING CONTROL SYSTEM by adding several backup CONTROLS.  In the first place, you will not remove the controlling factor in the neck labels, by simply cutting them off at the seam.  Additionally, there are other controls which you are NOT likely to remove - especially from teenager's clothing.  World War IV could begin right at your house! No, that's not a typo - we are CURRENTLY engaged in World War III, a silent, subtle, secret,  subversive, successful one.
It bears repeating:
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