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     You might be interested to know that a friend of mine, a retired judge, was sitting in the doctor's office one day, when one of the pharmaceutical reps came in, touting a new "wonder drug". He CLEARLY heard the drug pusher - well, that's what they ARE - telling the doctor that, if he wrote out at LEAST, a certain number of prescriptions for a particular drug, within a specific period of time, he would be given an all-expenses-paid trip to Florida, for two. Shortly thereafter, the doctor was lounging in the Florida sun.

     The pharmaceutical industry is BIG, B-I-G business. THE OLYMPIANS have CONTROL of it ALL. THEY are the same ones who, for YEARS, have brought ILLEGAL DRUGS into this country, and THEY are the same one who CONTROL the LEGAL DRUGS in this country. The trail is not that hard to follow - do you remember what I said before? FOLLOW THE MONEY! The Bush, of Presidential notoriety,  has some answering to do, for their involvement. Most people are TOTALLY unaware of their family's role in the drug problem that we have. It appears to be fairly common knowledge now, in 2009, that former President Clinton was filthy with drug money, but very few are aware of the fact that his predecessor was, if possible - worse. Father Bush was much more subtle about it. There ARE enough true blue patriots in this country to STOP the illegal drug trade and traffic overnight, if it wasn't for the fact that the existing government would counter our every move. 

     DID YOU KNOW, the word "PHARMACEUTICAL" comes from a Greek word; "pharmakeutikos"? It comes from the word "pharmakeuein" which means "to practice WITCHCRAFT, or use medicine. The ROOT word - which we have seen referred to as - "pharmakon""pharmakia", "pharmacia" and also "pharmakeia" - means POISON or medicine. The definitions came right from my Webster's Unabridged Dictionary, circa 1959. According to my observations, about 99% of the physicians in this country, if not the world, are suffering from "PHARMACOMANIACA". That's my own term - don't look it up, it's original. Perhaps there is a cure...time will tell. The definition of the disease  "PHARMACOMANIACA" is: the condition of being addicted to GIVING, TRYING, PRESCRIBING, RELYING ON or USING - DRUGS. Interesting - no? There seem to be millions of PHARMACOMANIACS at large, today.

     For those of you who are familiar with the Word, you'll remember a king who went not to God for his healing, but to the PHYSICIANS. He DIED. The tale is in the Old Testament, II Chronicles chapter 16, verses 12 and 13. Read it yourself. Then, there was the woman in the New Testament, who fought tooth and nail to get through the crowd, just to touch the hem of Jesus's garment. She had suffered for twelve long years, with an issue of blood - most likely female problems - and "had suffered many things of many PHYSICIANS, and had SPENT all that she had, and was nothing bettered, but rather grew worse". Read it yourself, Remnant. It is in Matthew 9, Mark 5, and Luke 8. Is it any different, today? Take a look at Jeremiah 17:5 - "Thus saith the Lord; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the Lord". Are YOU relying on the arm of flesh to heal you? I could have, a few years ago, but I went to my Father, and asked him to consider me as Hanniah, Mishael, and Azariah. Rather than bow down to MAN, and go against their convictions, they chose to trust GOD, to the point of death. They came out of a flaming conflagration, unscathed. Sure looked like certain death, at the time, but God protected them. You don't remember the story? Shame on you! If you'll take a look, I referred to it earlier, on page 12 of the CONTROLS IN FOOD chapter. Those were the three Hebrew young men, compatriots of Daniel, who were thrown into the fiery furnace. You may know them better as Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. See Daniel, chapters 1-3. They KNEW the power of their God, and trusted him implicitly. They were delivered, and a few years ago, so was I. No man even laid hands on me - I just stood firm, and trusted God. I am whole again. So many people begged me to go to the doctor - the disease was OBVIOUS - it was right on my face. My dear mother kept using here "Mother's blackmail" techniques - "Oh, please - won't you go? Do it for me. It might be something BAD". It WAS something BAD. But, I refused to rely on the arm of flesh, and boy, am I glad! After they would have chemotherapied me, and drugged me, and cut me - my finances would have been depleted, and I would probably be DEAD. Prescription drugs are KILLERS - swift or slow - they KILL.

     If you think I am all wet - consider this...the human body is designed to repair and heal ITSELF. We don't really give it a chance, because we're constantly shoving food down our throats, every day, which the body must then DIGEST. If we would learn to fast once a week, or eat raw fruit ONLY, for one day out of a week - our bodys' energy would be directed to repair and elimination rather than digestion, digestion, digestion. In addition, THE PLANNERS push their three-meals-a-day program at us, combined with the FOOD PYRAMID - which promotes enough servings to glut a hog - and convince us through THEIR advertising in the media, that we NEED all of their "new", improved, better tasting, fresher, healthier - PROCESSED FOOD. 

     Check out the personal habits of MOST of the famous inventors, super-geniuses, and innovators - you'll find that by and large, they were NOT huge eaters. We overload ourselves with food at every turn - it's called AUTOINTOXICATION - and then, we WONDER why we are such a sick nation. At the slightest sniffle, we rush to the doctor's office for the latest "wonder drug". Well, here's some parting words on this subject. 

     In a book entitiled The Pill Book, widely available at any book store, the truth about drugs is transparently obvious. The book is - possibly was - published by Bantam Books, which happens to be one of the arms of THEIR octopus. They really don't mind letting you know the truth, because THEY know you're still going to swallow THEIR drugs. Let's see what The Pill Book says...read on..
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