So, to finish about all of these Self-Improvement tapes - you often get a hard copy on paper to illustrate what is on those tapes, don't you? Have you any guarantee that what you're told they are suggesting to you, is actually all that is ON that tape? YOU can't really hear what's being poured into your subconscious, can you? So, how do you actually KNOW what message you're getting, under the guise of "Getting Organized" - "Stop Smoking" - "Take Charge" -  "Organize Your Time" - "Improve Your Child's Study Skills" - "Release Your Inner Power" - "Stop Procrastinating", and so on, and so forth?  All sounds good, doesn't it?  How many people have truly experienced lasting change through them?  We have all read testimonials, but have YOU experienced a difference YOURSELF?  Even if you have, what OTHER messages did you receive along with, or INSTEAD of, the purported one? Do you KNOW? Oh, what a sublime way to exercise CONTROL over those who truly WANT to be a "better person". You may be getting more than you bargained for.

     Before we go on to look at something funny, the messages on money - a few thoughts on subliminals. If you're having trouble grasping the concept of something consciously unseen, and not recognizably audible, think about "invisible fences" for dogs. WE don't tune in to it, the DOG does. How about "silent" dog whistles, and sound wave pest control for your home? It all has to do with frequency and pitch - the reason that a person with hearing loss hears SOME voices, and not others. 

    A few years back, a friend of mine destroyed several of her teenager's records. This was when we were still using 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM records. My friend discovered one day, that she heard some VILE messages, if she played his records at different speed than the one for which they were designed. Needless to say, she checked ALL of his records, and quite a few of them bit the dust.

How about this - from an old World Book Encyclopedia set:
" Subliminal refers to stimuli that are so weak, or last so short a time,
that a person is not aware of them. Such stimuli are said to be SUBLIMINAL
[below the threshold of consciousness]. The conscious threshold varies from
person to person and from time to time, even in the same person. 
Psychologists have been trying to determine whether subliminal stimuli
can influence people, perhaps through the unconscious.  Some use has
(Emphasis mine.)

    Well, there you have a synopsis of the subject, and even an ADMISSION, that subliminals have been - translate that "ARE" if you know how to read between the lines - used in advertising. It would be interesting to uncover subliminals in their encyclopedia, since World Book in one of the best propaganda tools for rewriting history, and spoon-feeding it to students worldwide. You will see later, who is behind THAT publication.
     Earlier in the book, I mentioned subliminals incorporated into our money. Technically, of course, what we use to purchase things, and what passes for "money", and what we call "money", is only Federal Reserve Notes - IOUs.  A "note" for anything, indicates a DEBT.  The bills that we use are instruments of debt, to the Federal Reserve Bank - which is NOT part of the United States Government, or more technically, America's government.  It is a private concern, formed in 1913, rushed through a skeletal Congress on December 23 of that year, when most Congressmen had left already, to spend the holidays with their families. Obviously, jet travel was NOT the mode of transportation back then. For more about them, click here> FEDERAL RESERVE BANK

     It was established as the Federal Reserve Eleemosynary Corporate Estate Trust.  Never heard that third word before, did you? Well, "Eleemosynary" means, according to the definition in our unabridged dictionary - "pertaining to alms, or charitable; of or for charity of alms." In other words, the American people have been DONATING their alms to it.  Since our actual "coin of the realm" or "lawful money of account" has all been stolen from us, when they discontinued the use of gold and silver, we are only using "funny money" or bogus bills.  Our coins are only metallic alloys - worthless, actually.  In addition, they drain our energy just carrying them around.  You can easily prove that.

     Get a handful of it, and a handful of real silver and gold coins. Do a test on yourself or someone else, with the instructions in THE ENERGYGRAPH chapter. You'll see. I promise, you'll be shocked. Just another thing that THE PLANNERS have done to us, to drain our wealth and undermine our health. None of what we currently use for money, IS money, but let's just lump it all together here for the sake of discussion, and call it MONEY.  That's what we've been CONDITIONED to do by THEM, so we'll just humor them, for now. LET'S LOOK AT THE BILLS. It is pretty common knowledge that there is a SPIDER, or an OWL, on our ONE DOLLAR BILLS. It looks to lots of us, like a spider, up on its legs. That would certainly tie in with all of the WEBBING all over the bill. Others say it is an owl, which would certainly tie in with the BOHEMIAN CLUB and BOHEMIAN GROVE. Look in the upper right hand corner - near the numeral one - outside the frame around the number 1, in the top left curve of the frame. See third photo from left below.

     However, did you know that there are actually subliminal phrases on our scrip? Well, there are. There is nothing designed by accident, and these phrases are no mistake. THE OLYMPIANS, as they like to be called, are well aware of the importance of subliminal stimuli. The knowledge they get from their "HIDDEN MASTERS" is amazing, but mere child's play compare to the wisdom and truth from God. The prophets knew - King David knew - Jesus knew - and you can, too.  All you have to do is ASK, and pay attention when He starts showing you.

     Obviously, there are not microscopic mottos, slogans and messages on our money supply to no avail. THEY do nothing, without a purpose.  Some appears to be just to play with us, but most of it denotes a more sinister agenda. It proves what I stated earlier, that a human being is the sum total of everything he sees, hears, smells, tastes, and touches, AND, we have a soul and mind and spirit, that perceive. Your eyes cannot consciously perceive the infinitesimally small words that have been
placed there, BUT, your MIND'S EYE, and your fingers, CAN.  Don't expect me to go into a lengthy explanation of HOW - I'd lose a lot of you, and it doesn't really matter that you understand HOW. What matters, is that you are AWARE and INFORMED.

     These messages appear to be on only a percentage of the bills --- I don't know the percentage. 
As they get pulled out of circulation, due to wear, I am sure new messages go out. They may ALL have them by now - I frankly don't have the time to check. You check - I am working at warp speed to get all of the information I have - out to the public. On a $20 bill, at 400% enlargement, in the middle of the lawn of the White House, there appeared the phrase "BUY U.S. SAVINGS BONDS". On the front of the bill, on Andrew Jackson's chin, was discovered - "REGISTER AND VOTE". On a $1 bill, front side, check out George Washington's upper lip. There, was found the words - "BUY BONDS". You may find other things that I've missed. THE PLANNERS do a constant "bob and weave". On the reverse, take a look at the eye in the center of the Pyramid. Those "in the know" are already onto the fact that the symbols on our currency are FREEMASON / ILLUMINATI based, and placed. I won't belabor that point.  The symbols tie us back to Great Britain, which ties into the Vatican, which ties into Egypt, which ties into the Middle East. They ALL interconnect. We are really still owned by Great Britain - not America, but the United States is. And, since the U.S. government has CONTROL over us, it doesn't really matter that we, as Americans, don't acknowledge that CONTROL. What I just stated is a fact, but that is the subject of a totally different exposé.

     What I'll bet YOU DON'T KNOW is that THEIR NAME is on our money. In the eye, on the back of a $1 bill, at the top of the pyramid - that "All-Seeing-Eye-of-Osiris", or some historians say "Isis", there is the Latin phrase inscribed - "CUNCTATIONES ILLUMINATI". Look up the root word, "cunctatio" in a Latin dictionary. It means - a "lingering, or a waiting".  So...the ILLUMINATI is waiting, OR, we are waiting unwittingly for the unveiling of the ILLUMINATI, OR, Osiris is waiting for THE ILLUMINATI'S time to come. There are many interpretations. No matter HOW you wish to interpret it, the very fact that it's on what we use as "legal tender", should HORRIFY you. I'm sure that most of you have already been informed of the phrase - "NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM" on the banner beneath the pyramid, which means, in essence - THE NEW WORLD ORDER, and the phrase on top of the pyramid, "ANNUIT COEPTIS", means - "our enterprise [or our project] has been crowned with success".

     THOSE messages are VISIBLE - now, let's look at some which are not. These messages are found on all of the denominations, but not all bills, unless I am missing them. Look right near dead center for most of them, although the one in the eye of the Pyramid is far to the left of center. Please pay attention. That Pyramid is EXTREMELY SIGNIFICANT. Aside from the symbolic significance of that ancient massive monument that THEIR greatness built with the labor of SLAVES - (our exact situation today), the Pyramid in Giza is also where the Illuminati, THE OLYMPIANS, the world rulers met to usher in the "New Age", in 2000.

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