HYDROGEN CYANIDE - an extremely poisonous liquid used in many chemical processes. Hydrogen cyanide gas poisoning has been used in capital punishment. Oh, boy - the implications on this one!

HYDROGEN SULFIDE - a poisonous gas produced naturally from putrefying matter, and used extensively in chemical laboratories.

METHANOL - a poisonous liquid alcohol used in drugs, anti-freeze, rocket fuel, synthetic dyes, resins, and perfumes.

METHYL CHLORIDE - a toxic gas used in making rubber, in paint removers, and as an anti-knock agent in gasoline.

NICOTINE - a poisonous alkaloid used as an insecticide, and to kill parasitic worms in animals.

NITROUS OXIDES - a group of irritating and sometimes poisonous gases which combine with hydrocarbons to produce smog.

PHENOL - a caustic, poisonous acidic compound present in coal and wood tar, which is commonly used as a disinfectant.

PROPIONALDEHYDE - a colorless liquid used as a chemical disinfectant and preservative, as well as in plastic and rubber production. It has a suffocating odor.

     With the exception of nicotine, what are these doing in our cigarettes and cigars? There are actually about a hundred more substances found in the tobacco used in our cigarettes and cigars, and in the smoke that they create. These substances are LARGELY responsible for the deaths associated with smoking, rather than the tobacco itself. What is so ironic, is that THE PLANNERS, you know, the Committee of 300 and their cohorts, are putting these things into our tobacco, through spraying and fertilizing the tobacco fields, through the cigarette papers, through the filters, in the menthol, and yet THEY are the major suppliers of cigarettes. 

     Well, it's not THAT IRONIC, if you figure that they profit from the sale of tobacco products, AND the sale of the fertilizers, AND the sale of the chemicals put IN the tobacco products, AND the drugs and machines used to treat cancer, AND from your hospital stay. Not that ironic, either, when you consider that they have to count the cost against the fact that tobacco smoke somehow serves to "disconnect you" from their CONTROLS. With so many fingers of THEIRS in so many pies, no matter if you smoke, or die from smoking, or don't smoke at all, THE OLYMPIANS have you.
     Experiment - spend the extra money to get natural tobacco, and see if it doesn't make a distinct difference in the way that you feel. When you smoke a GOOD cigarette, you don't want to smoke another one, right away. You will actually find that you SAVE money, in the long run. At this writing, American Spirit, Nat Sherman, Black Hawk, Seneca, Buffalo, are available, among others. They are all NATURAL, no additives - brands. You have 3 choices - quit, find a source of natural, completely additive-free tobacco, or grow your own - you can. I smoke an all-natural cigarette, do not cough or hack or have difficulty with them, and am "disconnected" from their CONTROLS. I don't have nicotine fits, "chain-smoke", nor am I in need of being "calmed down". I smoke, because, frankly - I like to.
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