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     Another thing that must be addressed, before I get into some specific subliminal messages out there, are all of the rapid flash commercials. Part of the PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE being waged against us, is in the "NOW-YOU-SEE-IT, NOW-YOU-DON'T" --- "FASTER-THAN-THE-EYE-CAN-SEE" rapid flash and flicker commercials. Only - the eye CAN see it, and the BRAIN DOES get it.Years ago, we watched Suzy Homemaker doing a nice, calm advertisement for Ivory Snow, Betty Crocker, or Tide. We heard Marge speak calmly and soothingly, soaking her clients' hands in Palmolive dish soap. You remember - "Open wide for CHUNKY!"? How about these - "N-E-S-T-L-E-S - Nestlés makes the very best - CHOCOLATE!" or "Wheaties, the breakfast of Champions" - (I already handled that in the section on food - it is NOT the breakfast of champions) - or "Call Roto-Rooter, that's the name, and away go troubles, down the drain, Roto-Rooter" - or Tony the tiger, with his - "Frosted Flakes, they're GRRREAT!"?  REMEMBER? There are lots of them that just stick in your memory, aren't there?

     Today, the state of the art commercial is flash scene1, flash scene 2, flash scene 3, flicker, flicker, flicker, and - it's over. There is a very specific reason for that. It's because ADVERTISERS know, and THEY know - THE BRAIN RECEIVES AND PROCESSES IT ALL! What you don't catch consciously, is what hurts you. Advertisers have learned that they don't need to purchase as much advertising time, or rather, the length per commercial of advertising time, to get the point across.

     YOU are one among millions, of the unwitting victims of the most carefully orchestrated, specifically targeted "mind-control through the media" conditioning program, that has ever taken place in the history of the world. THE OLYMPIANS really think that we are so completely under their CONTROL, that we have no options. Glory be to God - THEY ARE WRONG.  I have a copy of their game plan, thier strategy, their battle agenda, if you will - in my hands.  It completely corresponds to what God had revealed to me a few years ago. It is WRITTEN, in THE WORD, that nothing is done in secret, that is not shouted from the rooftops at some point in time. How appropriate. Radio towers, satellites, television antenna - they are all above the rooftops. God's joke, again.

     Remember the old warning - "Believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear"? Well, that warning is still viable today.  Test these things out for yourself - you'll come to your own conclusions, and undoubtedly, they will concur with mine.  I do realize that a lot of you will need verification before you'll believe what I am saying.  While that disappoints me a tad, that's okay. The signs of THE CONTROLS are as plain as day.  You already sense the truth in what you're reading, deep down in your soul, and the only printed verification I can give you has all been written down by men such as us.  If you run some of the easy experiments that are referred to in this treatise, you will run smack into THE TRUTH.

However, since printed verification IS AVAILABLE, I'll give you a couple of quotes:
How about a quote from an article by Desmond Smith, one of the producers for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation? Remember, I wrote this YEARS AGO:

" The Era of one-way television dominated by three commercial networks and
their seven hundred and twenty-five affiliated networks is ending. Soon, 
viewers will be able to 'talk back' to their television sets using two-way, 
computer-linked television delivered by cable. In New York, Atlanta, 
Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Philadelphia, applications have been filed and in
some instances already approved for citywide cable franchises. To broaden
the financial base, such mega-sized cable systems can therefore be expected
to expand rapidly into the transmission of non-television services. Two-way
television systems pry into subscriber's privacy by their ability to monitor user's
choices continuously. As the new technology enters our homes, television's
[ Emphasis mine]
At the present time, there are absolutely no guarantees that subscribers of 
two-way television systems can be protected from abuse, either from inside
or from wiretappers outside the systems. Unless the cable companies that 
are planning to introduce them or the city officials who seem so quick to
approve two-way cable television can resolve this question of privacy, viewer
beware may well be the prudent course to follow when the salesman
arrives at the door. The price of admission is COMPUTER SURVEILLANCE."
[ Emphasis mine]

     I have been aware of that particular quote since 1981. Of course, since then, the above scenario has become reality, whether you know it or not. Here's another one - quoted from Rowland Stiteler, from Dallas, in an article he wrote - "Look at what is coming into YOUR Living Room."  These procedures have already been implemented.

"One fifty-six A.M.  It is quiet in the command post. Two members of
 the security force sit motionless, staring into a bank of a dozen 
television screens. They have been trained to be alert for anomalies
 in the community; anything which threatens security will be sensed
electronically in seconds. The COMPUTER tells them that most of the
residents are asleep. The guards can see which doors are open - or
closed. The COMPUTER can tell them instantly if a fire is developing
in any of the domiciles. It tells them if someone needs medical help, 
and when someone has set his thermostat too high or too low. It has 
the capability to monitor, and even control, electrical consumption 
in every sector. The COMMUNITY functions like one giant living 
organism. The COMPUTER is its brain, and miles of cable, wired
into every building; its central nervous system. There is very little
in the COMMUNITY to which the command post sentinels don't
have access. Walls have given way to security. The COMPUTER
controls everything.  This is the embodiment of an Orwellian 
dream. But the scene is NOT science fiction. It is the Las
Colinas housing development, Irving, Texas, September 1979.
All of the technology for an almost totally electronic lifestyle
is here and being installed rapidly throughout the Dallas area.
And all of the moral and social questions raised by George 
Orwell's prophecies are facing us today."
[ Emphasis mine] 

     Or, how about this one? This article was written by Les Brown, a New York Times writer, and
published in "Contemporary Magazine, Denver Post", September 10, 1978. Did you get that? 1978! Remember, when things are reported to the general public as though they will occur at 
some future date, 9 times out of 10, they are already in full swing.

"George Orwell's prophecy of an advanced electronic society in 1984, in which
 the television set may watch as well as BE watched, could be right on schedule.
  In the next five or six years, a substantial part of the country may be served
 by a form of two-way cable television that is linked to a set of computers.  
These computers, sweeping each subscribing household every six or seven 
seconds, can take orders for merchandise purchased during television 
commercials, provide burglar and fire alarm protection, read gas and water 
meters, take public opinion polls, etc. 

But, desirable as these services may be - and most of them are ALREADY 
BEING OFFERED in Columbus, OH, on Warner Communications futuristic cable 
system known as Qube, the form of television that provides them raises some 
difficult questions in a free society. For the computer also RECORDS WHAT EVERY 
IN A POLL To the extent that computerized television 'watches' the household, 
even as the viewer is watching the screen, it presumbly can be regarded as 
invading a citizen's privacy. A political candidate would find his or her campaign 
devastated, for example, if computer records that fell into the hands of 
an opponent should reveal excessive viewing of erotic or pornographic films."
[ Emphasis mine]

     The truth is, that...what he predicted in 1978 - WE ALREADY HAVE IT - long ago. Electronic  surveillance today is total - there is no place to really hide anything, that someone wants to see, as long as they have the technological capability to find it. That last sentence of  his is VERY interesting and enlightening.  Let's examine it...
It bears repeating:
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