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     #1 - ANY viewing of erotic or pornograhic films is excessive.  If that upsets your values system, you need to revamp and reevaluate your thinking processes, and maybe go for a CAT scan - fast.  You've obviously been tainted by the ways of the world.  If that offends you - TOUGH. A good rule of thumb is - WOULD YOU SIT THERE AS EAGERLY WITH YOUR ARM AROUND YOUR  DAD, MOTHER, SISTER, BROTHER, DAUGHTER, SON, PASTOR, PRIEST, and watch an erotic or pornographic movie? You 
 WOULD? Then, I suggest you separate yourself from your family awhile, get a new "religious mentor", and fall on your face before God and beg the Lord's forgiveness.  You should also get your hands on a King James Bible, and start reading it. Start at Genesis - that's the beginning, you know. Don't stop until you hit Revelation.  YOU'LL get it. 

     I understand this is a free country, and smut is out there. HOWEVER...garbage in, garbage out. What you expose your mind to and dwell upon, determines your thinking processes. If you are filling your mind with inappropriate photos and text of people doing what any 8-yr. old child could tell you was wicked to see and read - then, you are not fit for public office, or contact with "man or beast". How shallow, self-serving, childish, and pointless. That prurient material is for one purpose, and one purpose only - to make the purveyors wealthy.  In doing that, they also degradate society, devalue the sanctity of marriage, devastate families, and through their decadence, destroy nations.  That is part of THE PLAN.  YOU KNOW better than to indulge in it.  The very fact that most viewing is done on-the-sly, should tell you something. It matters not to me, if you agree or not - PORNOGRAPHY of any type is destructive.  I don't have the time to share the research on that one - common sense should dictate that to any normal, sane, clear-thinking individual with morals.

     #2 - Despite the excellent article, written YEARS ago, seems this reporter couldn't find anything more frightening, than the thought that some politician might be able to smear some other politician, via exposing his or her lack of discretion in his viewing habits.  Big deal. The Bush family and the Clintons should all be incarcerated for their involvement in drug-running and murder. Both of the Clintons' escapades are a matter of common knowledge. So, it's highly doubtful that anyone would care if a politican's X-rated viewing habits were revealed.  Much worse has been revealed with nary a hiccup on the part of the general public.

     #3 - What should TERRIFY people, is that EVERYTHING YOU PURCHASE, EVERYWHERE YOU GO, WHAT YOU SAY IN PUBLIC, WHO YOU ENTERTAIN, AND EVERY MOVE YOU MAKE, is going to be monitored, or should I say...IS monitored - and partly through the cable TV in your home.  The surveillance is HERE, not coming at some future date, but HERE RIGHT NOW. You don't think so?  
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     Even a loyal, dyed-in-the-wool, true-blue-to-the-New World Order personage like CBS's Daniel Schorr admitted what is being perpetrated on the public, in an article he wrote in 1978. Along with Dr. Patrick Fisher, he wrote in an article entitled - "EYE OF THE ANTICHRIST" about the extent of 
this surveillance.  The means that are being used to observe us so effectively, is with FIBER OPTICS
A tiny glass thread, about the size of a human hair, is the "lens" used to observe, just the same as is used in communications.  They are used extensively in the medical field, in telecommunications, and in surveillance operations.  The glass fiber optic is more than 80 times lighter than the copper wires previously used by the telephone industry, and has a much larger capacity to transfer information. Systems using fiber optics are static proof, do not spark or short-circuit, they are resistant to electromagnetic disturbances, and are much less expensive to install.  At the time I originally wrote this, fiber optic "cables" were said to be capable of transmitting over a half of a million bits on information per second, 100,000 different radio programs, or 100 different telecasts, and 2,500 different telephone conversations - and, here's the kicker - SIMULTANEOUSLY.

Sounds great so far, right? WRONG, again.  One article stated that -

"this tiny fiber optic cable is a TWO-WAY LIGHT PIPE; at the television end, 
it will not only bring the signal into your home, but there are little pinhead 
sized FISH-EYE lenses in the cable which can WATCH YOU.  THEY ARE VISITING
units were built and installed WITHOUT ANYONE KNOWING IT
These cables were installed under the false premise that this little lens 
would allow the set to adjust for different light levels in your room!" 
ROOM where the television set is, and the SPEAKER IS ALREADY TWO-WAY!
 This is a gross invasion of privacy.  A person may be...miles away in 
a television transmitting studio, but he can SEE AND HEAR 

     The fiber optic lens enables the set to monitor, WHETHER IT IS ON OR OFF, and a computer could do the monitoring, unaided by human supervision. Furthermore, it could be programmed to zero in on the coordinates of a particular person, and store that person's activities in its memory banks. Over 25 years ago, this fiber optic technology was ALREADY a billion dollar industry!

     More recently, a customer of mine shared with me, that she was close personal friends with a man who worked in the television manufacturing industry. He told her in the 80's, not sure of the exact year, that ALL OF THE NEW TELEVISIONS were going to be manufactured with fiber optic capabilities. He shared with her about the TWO-WAY viewing functions, and the privacy concerns. 
She was told to purchase a television that year, if she wanted to avoid the surveillance and home intrusion. She really did not believe him, until she spoke with me.

     With the big screen TVs getting larger and larger, it seems that the viewing and snooping capabilities must be greatly enhanced, with a greater square footage area able to be reported on.
If that doesn't RILE you, that you are able to be, and ARE BEING, spied on in your own home - shame on you. There are more ways that the TV controls you. I have only touched on a few. Let's face it, folks - do you REALLY need to tune yourself into it, at all?  I have managed to exist just fine, WITHOUT IT.  We have a couple, but they don't see MY face in front of them, and we do NOT have a cable hooked up to them, and the are not turned on for television programming, at all. Bad for the eyes, too.  Is there really ANYTHING on television that you couldn't manage to live WITHOUT?  Of course, the answer is NO. Is it good for a body to sit still and stare for hours at unnatural light? Of COURSE not! Then, WHY DO YOU DO IT? Just being a sheep, huh? We have a nation FULL OF THEM. Drop out.

     This is all part of THE PLAN. Beloved, please pay close attention to the section entitled MONEY MESSAGES, on page 2 of this chapter. No WONDER they want us to "Love Big Brother". Check out the chapter entitled PLEASURE ISLAND.  THEY scan us and store our computerized "image". Have you forgotten, Remnant, in Revelation it states - "...as many as would not worship the IMAGE OF THE BEAST should be killed."  It does NOT SAY THE BEAST, it says the IMAGE OF THE BEAST. It will be broadcast all over the world, and THEY will know who bows the knee, and who refuses. Big Brother 
IS watching.  That's the bad news.  "He" thinks we don't know...so much the better. The GOOD NEWS is, that "He" is NOT OUR BIG BROTHER!  Our Big Brother's name is JESUS, and HE knows, and shows US, what is REALLY going on. Hallelujah!

     [It is said that the technology for fiber optics, among many other things, came from the Roswell crash site.  A former employee of mine used to work with a man who was in that area when it occurred. According to him, fiber optics, microchip technology, nanotechnology, and many other of the incredible technological advances that we take for granted, came from that source.  I have my own opinions about who actually imparted that knowledge, but I agree that it did not come straight from a normal human being's brain.]
     Now, for some specific information on how these suggestions, commands, directives, prompts, whatever you wish to call them, are actually done. The Tavistock Institute in London, for many years the long arm of the Illuminati, is one of the many "movers and shakers" in the realm of mind-control. They are heavily involved in the implementation of catalysts of confusion, via very low frequency infrasound, hereafter referred to as VLFIS. The VLFIS is capable of - PAY ATTENTION! - ALTERING PERCEPTIONS and even, according to one extremely reliable source, CHANGING DEEPLY ROOTED CONVICTIONS AND BELIEFS.  I have taken the liberty of quoting this excellent source, briefly:

"The subject receives subliminal command messages via so-called 'white noise'
 or music, in which the KEY WORDS ARE TRANSMITTED.  The 'white noise' or music 

Did you get that? It says "via BONE CONDUCTION"! Keep reading...
It bears repeating:
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