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     "The vehicle used is VERY LOW FREQUENCY INFRA SOUND. (VLFIS)  There are NO ACOUSTICAL BARRIERS against this type of transmission and only TOTAL BODY PROTECTION [TBP] * will restrict the message. The subliminal message by-passes the conscious level and the results are almost instantaneous."

NOW, do you see how SUSCEPTIBLE YOU ARE to THEIR wishes?
Almost like the robotic - "Your wish is my command".

* (I have had a "bear" of a time attempting to identify the TOTAL BODY PROTECTION.
  Any help would be appreciated. Contact me, please.)

     I personally know of only two ways to disconnect yourself from these VLFIS. The first way, is SPIRITUAL. The second, is PHYSICAL. They actually work, in conjunction with one another, but the FIRST one is MUCH more important. It is to be totally, 100% surrendered to God. If you are His - lock, stock, and barrel - it keeps you away from their mind control. You have to love Him, passionately,  intensely, and foremost. That means that you trust Him with ALL OF YOUR HEART, you serve him with ALL OF YOUR MIGHT, and you listen to him WITH EVERYTHING IN YOU. It means, as one of my daughters so aptly pointed out to me, that you serve the Lord with GUSTO. It means when you sing to Him, you do it with ALL OF YOUR MIGHT, as King David did, unashamedly, that means that you praise Him IN EVERYTHING, and that means that you LOVE YOUR FELLOWMAN, EXACTLY as you want them to love you. He is to have your mind, your heart, your tongue, your body, and your soul. Then, you're protected. That's ONE way, and the MOST IMPORTANT. Forget theology and religion; they have become man's idea of God. Pure religion, and undefiled, says the Word, is to visit the widows and the fatherless in their affliction - which is a F-A-R cry from what the word "religion" stands for, today.

     The second way, and this is a physical one, is to eat garlic.  Laugh all you want - I'm not under THEIR control. Garlic, and most especially RAW garlic, acts in some mysterious way as an insulator against their CONTROLS. About as specific as I want to get here, is to tell you that due to its intrinsic energetic nature, it helps bridge gaps left in your nervous system by their NON-FOOD, and also helps to protect you from susceptibility to their AIRWAVE CONTROLS. See the chapter entitled GLORIOUS GORGEOUS GARLIC for more specific information. Right now, eating raw garlic every day, in conjunction with it cooked, is going to be vitally important. If you truly want to be FREE to think for yourself, you won't discount the above advice.

     Back to more specifics about the sound waves that are decidely being used on us. EXTRA LOW FREQUENCY WAVES, or ELFs have been connected to both PHYSIOLOGICAL DISORDERS and also EMOTIONAL DISTORTION.  These waves are not normally noticed by the unaided senses, yet they execute a resonant effect on the human body. They can be up to 100 Hz, and do occur naturally, but they can be - and ARE BEING - artificially produced. Brain activity can also be subliminally influenced by infrasound vibration, up to 20 Hz, and can force brain activity to align itself to alpha, beta, delta, or theta wave patterns. This method of using SOUNDWAVES to affect thought patterns, can incline the listeners toward everything from alertness, to passivity. THAT IS A FRIGHTENING THOUGHT, and what is WORSE - these ELFs can be projected over great distances with precision, and utilized in media broadcasts, or just broadcast into the atmosphere. 

In an article called "From PSYOP to MindWar: The Psychology of Victory", written by Colonel 
Paul E. Valllely and Major Michael A. Aquino, we read the following:

"MindWar must...reach out...through the media possessed by the UNITED STATES
which have the capabilities to reach virtually all people on the face of the Earth.
These media are, of course, the electronic media - television and radio.  State of
the art developments in satellite communication, video recording techniques, 
and laser and optical transmission of broadcasts make possible a 
penetration of the minds of the world..."

"Existing PSYOP identifies purely sociological factors which suggest appropriate
idioms for messages.  Doctrine in this area is highly developed, and...there are some 
purely natural conditions under which minds may become more or less receptive 
to ideas...phenomena (such as) air ionization, atmospheric electromagnetic
[ Emphasis mine]

In a report published in the Journal of American Society of Psychosomatic Dentistry and 
Medicine, it was stated that:

"The human body communicates internally by EM, which is atmospheric 
electromagnetic activity, and electrochemical impulses."


     One reason to DISCONNECT yourself from the CONTROLS constantly bombarding us, is that the LESS receptive you are, the MORE likely you are to get the BIG PICTURE, and SHEEP THAT ARE AWARE OF THEIR PRESENT DEMISE, are not as easily SLAUGHTERED. If you take steps to see that your body is full of, and clothed with, natural things, and your heart belongs to God, and you are eating garlic - you will tend to be insulated from their artificially induced electromagnetic, sound wave and airwave CONTROLS. Any of you with a background of chemistry, physics, or biology, should understand this instantly.

     Just a reminder, before we leave this section. There ARE ways to disconnect yourself from 
these signals.  I already covered praising the Lord, and seeking His face. Ask Him to keep you and yours,  protected from their ELFs, VLFIS, and the other controls they are using on us. At the same time, YOU can help, by disassociating yourself from the electronics - radio, TV, videos, etc., and by wearing all-natural, handmade if possible, 100% pure, NO BLENDS, clothing. That helps immensely.  Keep yourself in a state of awareness, at all times, as to your beliefs, your convictions, and your faith. You need to reinforce your relationship with God. Never lose sight of what is right - and don't expect to get a whole lot of support from your friends and relations. People seem to have a million-and-one excuses for not charging after THE TRUTH.

     Get out into the fresh, open air as much as you can, and as far away from any electronic noises 
of any kind, as is possible. NEVER is there a problem, save God has a solution to it. Thomas Edison said that frequently. If you DO love Him with your ALL, He will show you and yours, the way of escape. Just ask, and expect it. I would like you to consider if you fit the following profile:

"Do you pray, and then, believing - grab your boots and parasol,
Go outside, and stand there waiting - for the rain you asked to fall?"
     How many of you remember a few years ago, when it was revealed that a particular drain opener commercial had the words - "sex, sex, sex" swirling down the drain, subliminally?  Anyone recall that? Ads for cologne, cosmetics, shampoo, panty hose, dolls - among others - were found to be laden with subliminal messages.  More on this, in the FOR MEN ONLY chapter.

     Well, guess what? They are to be found still. In this age of miniaturization, it is becoming increasingly easy to hide subliminals. The technology that exists, is mind-boggling, in its ability to 
hide words and images. Under extreme magnification, and using various types of lighting, they are visible. They are still commonly found in magazine advertising. We found quite a few in the major periodicals, and I suspect they are to be found in textbooks, reference books, and encyclopedias. 
My information in that area is sketchy, but I understand that there are some all-but-invisible, minute messages in several of the major newpapers. Book covers are suspect, as are video jackets, CD and DVD covers.

     For those of you out there, who still doubt that there are hidden messages subliminally forced upon us, may I direct your attention to information on the following page. These were compiled over a 20-year period, and were on LP records. Different techniques are used to implant the messages on cassette tapes and CDs and DVDs, but the messages are there. Some are to found by playing a record at a different speed than it was designed for, some are found by playing a cassette tape backwards, and/or at different speeds. I own a machine that does that to cassette tapes - forward/backward, and fast/slow. What manifested itself was very interesting, to say the least. 

     The next page will have a sampling of what was found on different recording artists' music, and they are NOT just to be found on the most popular music, either. We found some interesting words coming from Christian recording artists, too --- Christian in name, only that is --- you'll see why THAT makes sense, later...
It bears repeating:
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