Okay, let's look at what was found. Some are right out there to hear, some are not:

THE ROLLING STONES  Album: Tattoo  Song: Tops
"I love you, said the Devil"

GRIM REAPER  Album: Fear no Evil  Song: Final Scream
"See you in Hell"

LED ZEPPLIN  Album: Led Zepplin Four   Song: Stairway to Heaven
"I sing because I live with Satan. The Lord turns me off. There's no escaping it. Here's
to my sweet Satan, whose power is Satan.  He will give you 666. I live for Satan."

THE PLASMATICS  Album: unsure  Song: Coup d'Etat
 "Consensus programming is dangerous to your health.  The brainwashed do not know
they are brainwashed."

THE BEATLES  Album: White Noise  Song: Revolution 9
"Turn me on, dead man."

PINK FLOYD   Album: The Wall   Song: Goodbye, Blue Sky
"Congratulations.  You've just discovered the secret message. Please send your answer
to Old Pink, care of the funny farm. Chelford."

JOHN LENNON  Album: Double Fantasy   Song: Kiss, Kiss, Kiss
"Satan is coming...666...we shot John Lennon."
   [ That was on the last album he ever made, that was already in the stores when he was killed.]

E.L.O  (*see below)  Album: Face the Music    Song: Fire on High
"The music is reversible.  Time is not. Turn back, turn back, turn back."

EAGLES  Album: Hotel California   Song: Hotel California
"Satan had help.  He organized his own religion."
[ This group was heavily tied in to Anton LeVey's First Church of Satan, in San Francisco, CA.]

THE CARS   Album: Candy-O   Song: Shoo Be Doo
"Satan, Satan, Satan."

JOHN LENNON  Album: Mind Games  Song: Meat City
"I can't let you shoot my kids."

STYX  Album: Paradise Theater  Song: Snowblind
"Oh, Satan, move in our voices."

LED ZEPPLIN  Album: Houses of the Holy  Song: Over the Hills and Far Away
"Satan is really Lord."

IRON MAIDEN  Album: Piece of Mind  Song: Still Life
"Messin' with things you don't understand."

AC-DC  Album: Back in Black  Song: Hell's Bell's
"I will mesmerize you...but he is Satan...let me out.  Satan has me prisoner."

MOTLEY CRUE  Album: Shout at the Devil  Song: Helter Skelter
"I'm still the Master"
[ This one supposedly played a significant role in the horrific 1969 Charles Manson slayings.]

VENOM Album: Welcome to Hell  Song: In League with Satan
"Satan! Raised in hell.  I'm gonna burn your soul...crush your bones.  I'm gonna make
you bleed...you're gonna bleed for me."

THE BEATLES  Album: Hey, Jude  Song: Rain
"They might as well be dead.  Can you hear me, can you hear me, can you hear me?"

CHEAP TRICK  Album: Dream Police  Song: Gonna Raise Hell
"Satan holds the keys."

PINK FLOYD   Album: Animals  Song: Sheep
"The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down, through
pastures green. He leadeth me the still waters by; with bright knives he releaseth
my soul. He makes me to hang on hooks in high places. He converteth me to lamb
cutlets. For lo, he hath great power and great hunger. When cometh the day we
lowly ones, through quiet reflection, and great dedication, master the art of karate,
we shall raise (rise?) up and then we shall make the bugger's eyes water."
[What a bunch of crap!]

BLUE OYSTER CULT  Album: Mirrors  Song: You're Not the One
"Our Father, who art in Heaven...Satan!"

BLACK OAK ARKANSAS  Album: Raunch & Roll  Song: When Electricity came to Arkansas
               "Satan! Satan! Satan! He is God! He is God! He is God!"      

RUSH  Album: All the World's a Stage  Song: Anthem
"Oh, Satan, you - you are the one who is shining.  Walls of Satan, walls of sacrifice.  I 
know it's you are the one I love."

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*(Note on E.L.O. Their album "Eldorado, a Symphony",was met with some controversy, as various groups theorized that the album contained backmasked Satanic messages. Producer Jeff Lynne responded by prominently inserting backmasked dialogue into "Fire On High", the opening track on the next ELO album Face the Music.) Info from Wikipedia.

     Thanks to the books, The Devil's Disciples, What's Wrong with Christian Rock?, and Dancing with Demons, for a lot of the info.

     Lest you think that the sampling above is ALL that is out there, or that subliminal messages
are only on secular music, allow me to educate you.  Many, many "Christian" music companies are owned or supported by Word, Inc. Some of them are Maranatha, Myrrh, Lexicon, Light, etc. They change constantly. Word USED to be a "Christian" company - not any more.

     Even Time-Warner, one of THE OLYMPIANS' arms, owns or supports "Christian" music companies. At present, Word, Inc. is NOT a godly company, and unless there have been some recent shuffles, Word, Inc is owned by the American Broadcasting Company - that's right - ABC, which is owned by Standard Oil, which is owned by the Rockefellers, who are in cahoots with the Rothschilds, who are "owned" by the HIDDEN MASTERS of THE ILLUMINATI.

     The above cited examples of SUBLIMINALS hidden in music, are almost all in a form that is called "BACKMASKING". In other words, the music must be played in reverse, in order for the hidden messages to be heard CONSCIOUSLY. Our minds are WONDERFULLY made, and our subconscious receives and perceives the subliminal messages, even if you are not aware of it..  

     In testimony before the California legislature, a brain researcher, James Yarroll gave evidence indicating that the human brain has the ability to scan, pick up, and translate messages IN REVERSE,even at a subliminal level, eventually incorporating them into the conscious sector of the brain, automatically. DID YOU GET THAT? READ IT OVER, AGAIN...

     Subliminals can be recorded at any speed, the words spoken backward or forward - the brain's subconscious doesn't miss a trick. To clarify that --- what is spoken directly, we understand on a CONSCIOUS level: what is played at "super-speed" or backwards, we understand on a SUBCONSCIOUS level. Those of you familiar with subliminals already know this, I'm sure, but MILLIONS DO NOT.

     Tragically, subliminals have been implicated in LOSS OF LIFE. Two young boys shot themselves on Christmas Eve in 1985. One died instantly, the other lingered for 3 YEARS. Why did they do it? They had spent hours that night, listening to "Beyond the Realms of Death", a song by Judas Priest.The message on the song is - "DO IT, DO IT, DO IT, SING MY EVIL SPIRIT, F--- THE LORD." The boy who lived, said - "It was like a self-destruct that went off. We had been programmed..."
It bears repeating:
subtly, secretly, silently, successfully...
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